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  1. To be honest, you do have to wait it out When I was on tane I didnt use chapstick and I ended up with a monster of a chelsea grin :L The joker from Batman had nothing on me! So use your chapstick!
  2. Well ive been takin it straight recently becuase I have exams and I dont want to be drinking pints of water before exams! Or else I will be running in and out of the hall to the toilet! :L But when I can I put in around 2 TBS and dilute with water... tastes kinda funky. Oh and btw, DO NOT use coke, it tastes like shite!!! :L Seriously just stick with it, it might be shit at the moment but when it gets better (which it will) you will be glad you listened to me :L:L:L
  3. lol cheers :D haha my english teacher would just love you , bless :) Lol ive got an english exam tomorrow so im using a lot of big words!!! I love this thread!
  4. Hmmmm, ill give this a go... Dont know about the whole rubbing a tea bag on my face though...
  5. Dude, its that kind of attitude thats gonna put the ladies off you... If you dont feel confident then they're not gonna give you a chance... And on the plus side it doesnt look like you have acne anymore, just a few scars, and you will probably be the one who notices them the most...
  6. Plus it kinda connects with the whole acne thing... 'Our day will come' and 'We shall have our day', without the republican connotations; are quite good sigs for someone suffering with acne...
  7. I tried to mask the taste by mixing it with a tin of coke... what a waste of a can of coke that was! It just tasted like shit! So now im just gonna take it straight again...
  8. Lol tá mo chroí istigh sa gaeilge... sin raite I only do it for GCSE.... which I think is your junior cert level? Not too sure tbh... Lol I like all the republican sayings, they are sweet!
  9. Im pretty sure your right about the severity thing... One of my friends had cystic acne, took accutane, and now he is completely clear. I on the other hand, had LOTS of moderate acne, I was clear for about half a year, and then it came back
  10. Lol I remember in like the last 2 weeks of accutane... I had to moisturise every 10 minutes or the flakes would come back!
  11. Smaller than me, and im 6 foot so around 5'6... Big chest and nice legs preferably... and a pretty face! Wait is that too much to ask? Hmmmm ill take 3/4 from above /\/\/\/\
  12. Have you read a play called Translations by Brian Friel about the English renaming Ireland? Tbh the English were wankers to you in the past, I can't deny it. Wooo you know it! Tiocfaidh ár lá!
  13. In the southwest, some near Lucan and some in Rathfarnam... ring any bells?