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  1. Oh my gosh guys! I'm so glad that this thread has become a place for everyone to share their acne frustration! I haven't logged in since I posted this and I'm amazed going through all of the replies. I couldn't help but giggle at some of the things you guys have posted because I'm like..."OH YEAH, I do that too!" It's definitely nice to know that I'm not alone, even though it seems like it whenever I leave the house. I was sitting in class yesterday (graduate school, btw) and of course I had
  2. It sounds like the bacteria that is causing your acne have basically become resistant to the antibiotics and products that you've been using. I've been in the same boat. I'm 26 and had acne since I was around 14. I've tried everything you could think of and nothing ever worked. Finally when I reached my mid twenties I started worrying about what all the products were doing to my skin...I mean, I had never really given much thought to wrinkles but with all of the harsh products I've put on my
  3. I would advise against Proactiv at all costs! While it may be effective at first it's soooo drying on your skin and the chemicals in it irritate your skin as well. Not only that, but if you use it you will risk making your acne worse. It's sort of the same concept as using antibiotics for an extended period of time. The bacteria may become immune or evolve and the BP in Proactiv will eventually become totally useless. This was my personal experience with Proactiv. When I first started on t
  4. Okay, so this is something that I actually talked about on my personal blog, but when I came across this site I knew I had to share it with all of you. I struggled with acne for eight years and during that time I got advice from EVERYONE....even people who had never had a pimple in their life! I mean, what would they know about acne? NOTHING! That's what. Out of my frustration I came up with a list of things that only people with acne can understand and relate to...feel free to add to this lis
  5. Avoiding harmful products is a MUST for people who have acne. One of the biggest mistakes that people with acne make is using harmful products that contain harsh chemicals that actually irritate the skin, making acne worse. Personally, I avoid BP at all costs. It dries out my skin and causes more breakouts. If you have acne you ALWAYS want to use products made for sensitive skin, because chances are, if you have acne, you have sensitive skin by default. Products for sensitive skin typica