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  1. no I haven't I usually run 2 miles yesterday but I skipped it so I can rest up for my Fitness test today.
  2. I have a pimple that left a very small, light scar on my forehead. This morning, it was still very, very small BUT it got very very dark and my complexion is fair to medium and the scare is about three shades darker than I am. I am currently using aquanil and rubbing on clecion all given by the dermotologist. What is going on? and what can I do about it?
  3. How do I know the difference between the types of pimples?? Thanks for the help.
  4. I have two pimples on my cheek that seem to be connected to my nerve endings. Do I keep treating it with my regime or do I pop it. What do I do, what kind of pimple is it? someone help please.
  5. I wwent to the dermotologist for the very first time today. He spent all of maybe 5 minutes with me. My acne is moderate at worst. But he quicklygave me a perscription for minocycline and clindamycin. He said one was for blemishes the other is to stop the acne(minocycline)(100mg). I appreciate any thoughts anyone may have. I am very wery of using somthing that a doc gave me after only talking to me for five minutes. Should I take these meds or not, what drawbacks am I looking at? Like I said be
  6. I have a small pimple that seems to be forming a head. Anyone know whats the quickest and/or best way to treat it? I need to keep the damage down to a much to a minimum as possible. Please help
  7. dragon


    I have a cluster of pimples that formed near my temple. What is the most effective way to treat it and/or the quickest. Do I use a spot treatment?
  8. Cause of how fast my hair grows I have to shave daily. So I use EDGE advanced clear skin gel and gilette sensor excel. So far so good. Dragon
  9. I have no idea what kind of acne I have. Its not severe I was just looking for a way to keep pimples from forming. Or at least reduce occurances. So I started with proactiv. BUT it only made my skin worse. So I am switching to another 3 step treatment but it will be Salicylic acid based treatment instead of BP based. Hopefully that will improve my skin. In the meantime I am using a Biore unclogging scrub twice a day and I am going to grab some cleaning pads to use throughout the day because m
  10. Since I am vey new to this site. What is Dan's regimene?
  11. I was curious is it bad to go from one regimen to the next or is there a time frame I should wait before switching from one regimene to the next? I am currently using the three step proactiv product for about 45 days now with little to no progress so I was thinking of switching up to some other treatment. Any advice??
  12. I just wanted to know if anyone else is using PROACTIV? Did it work for you or didn't it? I have been using it for about 1.5 months and my face seems worse than before. Does anyone else had the same experience or different? Please let me know. Thanks