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  1. To make you feel better I do not like BP either, because of how much it dried out my skin I would get a worse complexion. I switched to salicylic acid and had great results, maybe try that. Good luck.
  2. Acne scars are tough because you have to be careful not to cause hyper/hypo pigmentation. If you are too aggressive with your peels or other treatments you can cause big problems. I would suggest using something mild as far as a scrub goes and then a product that is used to heal that you sits well on your skin. I know I used a product that was a micro dermabrasion as well as a gentle moisturizer with spf to make sure I did not get a reaction to the sun after the dermabrasion. I would recomme
  3. I used proactiv a while ago and it did work, but I did not like the way my skin felt and went on to use a product line with SA. When I saw that BP can cause pre-mature wrinkles I was glad that I made the switch. With the SA products my skin is clear, looks and feels great.
  4. Keep your money! This product looks and smells like snake oil. I was interested in buying it until I found out more about the company selling it. Look at some of the other stuff they are into: http://www.lativio.com/refund.html (make sure to scroll down the page for a good laugh) The thing that really got me is the doctors they have approving this thing also say they can cause male body parts to get bigger and perform better all with some plants. The only clear pores you want is the
  5. I am not a fan of BP either, I would say try something with salysilic acid it works a lot better for me.