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  1. I've been googling everywhere and everyone seems to say that there is no cure for keloid cause they always grow back, there can only be treatments. I've had my keloids injected 5 times within a year, and they always grow back and sometimes even spread/get redder I have them on my jawlines. I am so depressed about this.. Can anyone offer any insight?
  2. Some other members have also suggested silicone sheets. I will def look into it. Interesting how I've never heard of it until now though. Let me know how it works for you. I will try them too
  3. I will make an appointment asap. Theyre so itchy right now and I scratched them mildly, they look so red and big.. much more than those pics I posted. Have you personally tried silicone scar sheets on your keloids?
  4. mine isnt small at all.. the pics are misleading. the bump is annoying and i've had this since 2012. before I got on accutane, I only had one of them, and i think its because the facial lady caused that. When I got on accutane, I got 3-4 more keloids around the area. and the most visible one came from accutane. but then again I blamed my dermatologist for giving me injections on my cyst while it was still very bumpy. How do I get rid of the redness? Am I hopeless here? Are your keloids red
  5. What do silicone sheets do? My keloids are bumpy and red. I've had probably 5 injections every month before.. they always come back Will the sheets help reduce redness?
  6. Never tried it. Do you know how much that costs? Does it work to eliminate the scar or just reduce its visibility?
  7. I've done 5-6 sessions of cortisone injections but these keloids keep coming back on my jawline, Super annoying and discouraging. Should I start trying laser? I don't want to try incision bc they say it's not the right way to treat keloid (it'll come back and get even bigger) My keloid sometimes swell and itch and red. It all depends on my stress level/immune system I think, cause when I wake up from bed it's smaller. Please help. I've had these for almost 3 years now. I'm so insecure be
  8. BUMP. Hey guys. Just wanna update you all. Apparently it stopped being a cyst 1-2 years ago. Those bumps were actually keloid scars.. I have no idea why I've developed keloids on my jawline. I'm planning on going for a laser treatment to treat them as cortisone shots have not worked at all. If anything they make them redder.
  9. Ugh guys so I really can't just let these cysts sit on my jawline anymore. I feel like there must be something going on that makes it spread that much. It all started from 1 to now 4-5 small 'no pus' cysts, even after accutane. Do dermatologists usually perform incisions or do I have to go to a doctor for that?
  10. How long have you had the cyst before? Mine is literally almost 2 years, if not it already has been 2 years. I feel like there's an infection in my jawline, just like that asian girl on the video i showed you. I have now 3 cysts that never come to a head, from one to three. they keep growing around that area. I really want to just get them surgically removed. like incision Edit: I heard Retin-A is like the equivalent of Accutane, but in lotion? Should I have it prescribed even though I've
  11. Yeah, never try to pick out cysts on your own. I had a fatal mistake of having a facial and having the lady extract what was then a week old cyst from my jawline.. it came back with a FORCE. literally -_- but guys, try youtubing 'cyst incision'.. I saw some gross stuff.. lol
  12. Sorry it's been awhile since I was here. well my 'cyst' doesn't feel like it has a puss in it, it only has a bump. Maybe there is, but it's deep down my skin.. Accutane didnt work for these jawline cysts. I only got more because of it, and the one that I got while I was on accutane left a horrible red scar because my derm had shot cortisone into it and it bled for like days.. (it was EXTREMELY red 3-4days after he injected it..Idk what the freak happened). So now I'm left with one cyst sca
  13. Hey! Yeah, ugh this derm should be held responsible for making such a deep scar on my jawline.. and now i have this red bump.. while it's not visible when I take pictures straight forward, if I turn my head to the side, you can see some redness on my jawline... which I really hate. So in total, I have 1 medium sized cyst (the 2 year old one), the red scar bump (has no cyst, just a bump), and 2 small bumps (just like the 2 year old one, but less bumpy). I mean they're bumpy but they're flat..
  14. Sorry but are you sure it's called Cystic Fibrosis? I googled it and that's entirely different from acne.. It's a disease lol. Maybe you heard it wrong. this is EXACTLY what i have. This girl had a severe cystic acne but mine wasnt that bad at all.. i had mild acne but I have that 'sinus track' cyst jawline that she mentions on this video. Skip to 4:20 Edit: Actually, after I googled some 'sinus track' images, I don't think that's what I have lol, looks gross Well atleast mine d
  15. I've had these cysts on my jawline that won't go away for 1-2 years now, and Ive tried accutane and cortisone injections (3 times too..) and it's always there. It's enlarged whenever I'm stressed out or when I haven't showered. There used to only be two, but when I took accutane, another one formed (which left a really red scar after my dermatologist injected cortisone into it). I'm extremely frustrated. Can anyone relate?