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  1. Use a concealer in the mornings after you apply everything. Only takes a second ! It will only appear better, but this is all about appearence ain't it ?
  2. i am rubbish with concelar!!!!!just seems to highlight or darken! ohhh c'mon you can find a good one, no ? Try Almay clear complexion, they have 3 shades. its good stuff. I'm a guy and even I like it. :)
  3. Use a concealer in the morning after you've put everything on, you'd be surprised how much it helps. The red marks will fade.
  4. did yours diminish or go away a little as time goes on ? I've got about 4 now, thinking of switching around my regimen of something.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  5. They must be ice pick scars then, they are holes, rather deep that look dark. Wish I had dig. camera handy... is BP or AHA known to enlarge pores while killing the bad stuff ? I figure this problem is isolated to my forehead because the way it contorts when making facial expressions or something... if anyone has gone through this on the regimen.....?
  6. hey all- I've cleared up brilliantly on the regimen these past 5 months- only prob. is now I'm getting this collection of black pits (called ice pick scars?) above my eyebrows on my forehead. They aren't residues from zits, I don't get zits anymore, they just appear and stay. A little afraid that this will continue- any suggestions ? Brandy/experienced users ? Maybe its too much bp/ moisturizer in that area ? holler if you have the same problem. my regimen: basis soap bar dans bp cetap
  7. Hey everybody- I'm about 1/2 a year into the regimen and feel compelled to say it is by far the best thing I've done for my face. If you are considering ditching your old prescriptions routine, are unhappy or are in anyway doubting what you are using TRY THIS REGIMEN. My technique is the BP gel, cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer and a concealer (concealer is something not mentioned enough, if the redmarks aren't going away seek a color matched concealer). Don't be dumb and follow the advice given
  8. I have the same problem. There are pimples that since starting the regimen have just shrunk down to very tiny bumps and remained that way for months. What can be done, anybody? I want to pinch/bleed it out or something but that would make it worse ?
  9. thanks ! this looks good but it doesn't list the ingredients on the their site, SURE theres no SA ? do the colors match almays ? I'm using almays light/medium concealer .
  10. hey all I've been using Almay's Clear Complexion concealer for about 2 weeks now over Dan's regimen and am pretty sure it is causing red bumps near where I've been hiding redmarks. It does have 1% sacyilic acid, I knew this but took the chance to have a break from the marks. It covers damn well though ! Are there any comparable concealers out there that work well over the regimen ?
  11. Do people have any experiences to share with getting vbeam/laser surgery done while on the regimen? My guess is that youw would have the stop using BP the day of the surgery/days afterward ? I've been using AHA products and still can't loose these redmarks !!
  12. Hey all I thought I'd ad my 2 cents about moisturizers. I've been on the regimen for nearly 3 months and have used three: Lubriderm spf 15 Kiss My Face Alpha &Aloe and now Cetaphil spf 15. Lubriderm is really cheap, thats why I picked it, but you have to realize its cheap for a reason. Half way in I added Kiss my Face, which not a bad moisturizer but doesn't protect from the sun so you'll get burnt. I was using it at night for a while (for the AHA ) but the AHA didn't seem to be helpin
  13. Hi I've been experimenting with this moisturizer for about a month and wouldn't recommend it as its has no SPF sun protection which make your face burn in the sun (even just walking down the street). I was using it at night only for a while as well which works alright, but nothing miraculous.
  14. I have been using Walgreens %8 as well for over a month, how long have you been using it ? To me there is has been nothing miraculous or even noticable about using AHA products. I also have been using KISS MY FACE Alpha &Aloe at night which is a %5 AHA product. I think something needs to be addressed here on these boards about AHA, like what concentration it needs to be to be effective, ya know ?? I've heard the PEELs are effective but don't know how to safely incorporate those into
  15. Yeah its like how hardcore do you want to get ?? If your going to detox yourself you might as well do a week long juice fast, without ANYTHING except juice. Thats the real way to prove to yourself if something your ingesting is causing your acne. I've done this and watched it do nothing, but thats just me. I'm a coffee drinker and light smoker and have stopped drinking and smoking many times (with durations from a couple days to weeks) with no results. all i'm saying is weigh your options, do