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  1. I'll cut to the chase. I NO LONGER HAVE ACNE. - The Regimen will work if you are PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENT!! My skin has been completely clear for around 6 months. I am still completing the regimen every night, of course I miss a few days here and there. Im worried to stop the regimen incase the acne comes back, even though all spots and blackheads have disappeared, i may slowly phase it out and see if my skin copes without the BP.
  2. Day 15, The BP no longer irritates or make my skin itchy at night. All previous spots have cleared, in the last few days only 2 or 3 tiny white pimples have appeared. Overall the redness and scarring is definitely fading, possibly 60% lighter now. Its been just over 2 weeks and I'm very happy with the progress so far. I've began to increase the amount of Duac at night from a pea size amount to a pea and a half size amount. With regards to the whiteheads under the skin, as far as I ca
  3. Day 6, My skin is slowly becoming accustom to the BP and isn't as itchy at night after applying the Cetaphil moisturiser. I'm beginning to notice some fading of the red blemishes that covered the majority of my left and right cheeks, probably 15-20% lighter. Some of these areas particularly are starting to peel slightly, I can only notice this after cleansing in the evening though. My skin tends to get a tad greasy towards the evening, as I'm not interfering with my skin the morning to re
  4. Day 2 My skin hasn't changed much since yesterday, bright red blemishes immediately after applying the duac and still slightly red and inflamed in the morning after having a chance to calm down. To early to tell whether spots have stopped forming or if there's been any improvement. I tried cleansing in the shower rather than the sink, hopefully letting the water do the work and less touching will reduce irritation. Again, very itchy on the areas where I have applied the duac at night, quit
  5. Day 1: After watching Dan's Regimen Instructions on YouTube countless times over I decided to begin.. I began cleansing the skin using the Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser, I used 2 good pumps as it will not lather up as well as Dan's Cleanser. However after using a bit more cleanser and 20 seconds of rubbing in my hands, I was able to form a nice thick lather. Its worth adding that I'm preforming the Cleansing routine in the sink, as I feel the shower would be too hot for my skin and could c
  6. So I'm 19 and suffered with blackheads and the odd spot/zit since i was 16. However the last year or so my face has changed dramatically. My problem areas are my cheeks and jawline where a constant cluster of spots has made the area red and inflamed. I've also got a layer of whiteheads underneath the skin on my cheeks adding to the problem. To complicate things further I have VERY sensitive skin and a mild eczema sufferer. After a year of using a variety of products that focus on mechanic