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  1. First thing in the morning, a bottle of water. Not breakfast. Usually I wait 30 minutes after I finish drinking the water to eat. But during the school days, I don't eat for another 4 hours and then eat 3 meals in an 10-11 hour gap. It has helped And between those meals I drink a bottle of water. Usually waiting 2-3 hours after my meal has digested. For those who feel red and hot most of the time, cut out hot sauce or anything spicy. And sodium (salt). My redness has been cut back big time.
  2. Are you taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night? And are you only taking DIM?
  3. I really do wish I had a tv in my bathroom. Ha, but nah man I was to sick to do anything. That had to be one of the worse feelings ever. Especially when your throwing up, then taking a shit, then having to throw up again. It was ugly.
  4. I use to pour a ton of cinnamon in my first and last meals. Just don't do it. My stomach kicked my ass, threw up and kept shitting for an hour and a half. And was really dizzy.
  5. Have the broccoli pills worked any?

    1. Basically, yeah. Might start back up on the omega 3 pills. But for now everything should be good. I mean, I eat a lot of dairy products with either low fat or no fat and drink skim milk. Before that it was all high in fat and etc. I made a connection with the fats and now everything has been well.
    2. What I think has played a huge factor in my acne: Fat, sugar. Fatty foods probably played a huge part in my acne. Now I either get low fat foods or no fat. What I have done to help my complexion: Warm lemon water in the morning Keeping myself busy with school and work Working out 4 days a week Protein Liquid Chlorophyll Just relaxing the mind and not worrying about things. Do not keep acne on your mind 24/7, otherwise you're going to be in hell for awhile. It was about a year ago when I found
    3. Yeah, I have them. And I've had a lot of experience with it. I use to freak out when I was younger. I would pick at them at would be pretty depressed because I'd never let a girl touch me or anything. So I went to do research and found out that they were called pearly penile papules and they're normal. Also about 30% of men have it. The ones on my left side are more visible because I use to pick at them and I wish I hadn't because they would then look like the ones on my right side which are vis
    4. I'm 100% liquid chlorophyll works. It doesn't clear your acne, but it controls it to a certain level. I mean the way I've been eating my face should look like crap. But it's been normal. I mean, I've had like 2-3 breakout last week and they were small pimples. And my back isn't breaking out. I just don't know how it works when eating healthy because I've been just eating junk food. Maybe it clears it up pretty good, I don't know. My diet the last 10 days: Morning: 1 bowl of maple syrup eggo
    5. So I came across the Health & Fitness section today and saw a rare article on acne. I thought I'd share. Click here if you'd like to see the entire article.
    6. Okay, so I took 1 and a half tablespoons tonight with lemonade water. Does it hurt to take more? I mean, like add a tablespoon to my green tea in the morning, water at noon and any other drinks I have during the day? And I saw in one of the posts that it's not great if it contains methylparaben and propylparaben. Well...I have myself a problem. It has methylparaben and propylparaben. Dammit. But it's organic liquad chlorophyll. So yeah.
    7. Well, I need to gain my weight back so I'm eating w/e now. This is a big help for me that now I'll be doing that. Thanks for sharing.
    8. Well, I finally told her. She took it well and told me I should worry about things like that. She was fine with it. Just told me I should go get a tan. Well for now that may take care of things to look good for prom.