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  1. Day 32 I skiped a few days there because nothing much was happening. Bearly any ance now in two weeks. Red marks are really bringing me down tho. Its as if there getting more visable everyday. Is that because my skin is getting thinner or what?? TTYL /shane
  2. Day 28 I lost a day some where but i do know today is day 28 because its my 4 week mark. Ok i seem to be worring bout too many things. I just use a simple wash that my flat mate has now. and apply sunscreen. Its prob not oil free , but i have only got 1 pimple in the last week so its grand for me i think.it has exfoliating values as well so it might help with the red marks i dont really know.. Right i currently looking at vitamins for liver repair. would milk tistle be a good one? TTYL /golf
  3. Day 25 & 26 Rite i mite be putting too much on my face these days. In the morning i wash my face wit celephil wash , apply some jojoba oil, apply some aloe vera , then sunscreen. Am i over doing it.? should i drop the aloe? I do the same at night except no sunscreen. Anyway my face just looks blotchy and red. Red marks are getting worse every day. I also have a new friend called pimple on my chin. Please reply /golf
  4. Day 24 & 25 I seem to be doing these in twos now. I got a new 1 on my chin Yesterday. Today It looks to be turning into a white head tho which is good. Red marks seem more visable today for some reason. Sometimes i can bearly see them and other times they are very noticable.Im have fairly bad flue today also. Will i still be able to take medication for it while on accutane?? ttyl /Golf
  5. Day 22 & 23 Well im face is almost completely clear now. I am just getting some acne on the edges of my lips. Its probably 2 do with the lip balm im using but im not sure. Loads of red marks still. Id like to talk a bit more about my experence with BP. All it did was make me red and it seemed to clog my pores quite alot. Another thing it has done is made me look older than i am. I was talking to some new people when i was out the other night. One of them was a girl and she asked what age
  6. Lol u spoke too soon. got a breakout today but im feeling good about my progress. Day 20 & 21 THREE WEEKS IN!! I got a bit of a breakout over the last 2 days. 1 on my hairline , 1 beside my left eye. 1 on my chin. and a big 1 on the right hand side of my forehead. My face seems to be always red now. Im not sure if its sunburn r just the accutane.My lips however are good. Carmex is brilliant. I have the flue at the moment from the concert but feck it was worth it. LOL bye 4 now /go
  7. Well another weekend over. And again iv missed posting. Day 16 Hmm no acne. I travelled to dublin 2day. My lips are getting worse. I was walking around dublin until i got to my brothers place and it was breazy to say the least. When at my brothers place i went to up stares to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was as white as a ghost. It looked like i was dead or something. Day 17 Went to a concert called oxegen. The bands that impressed me where the editors,arctic monkeys, the stroke
  8. Day 15 Hi all Ok im home from work now. I left 20 mins early i hope no1 noticed. Well no acne 2day. I think i get a small breakout every 2nd day now, Which is good going i suppose. I have nothing much else to say. Going to see a movie 2nite with a couple of friends. My confidence is growing every day little by little. ttyl /golf
  9. Day 14 Im a day late with this report. The sunscreen and aloe vira is doing the buisness , i am no longer red which im very happy with. However I got Yet another pimple today on my chin. Scars and redmarks seem to be fading but im not sure. when i wake up in the morning most of my red marks are gone but when i get home in the evening they are visible again. Il will be having a blood test in 2 weeks. I hate blood tests. I think i have bout 15 days worth of bactrim left . I hope my face doesnt go
  10. Thanks alot every1 Day 13 Unlucky for some is it? Ya i had a bad day. 4 spots have appeared on my chin and 2 on my forehead. I was doing well till now. My lips r cutting up badly and my eyes r starting to hurt. Ah well Could be worse i suppose, i could be not an the tane. TTYL /golf
  11. Ok iv missed quite a few days there. The weekends always feck things up. Day 9 1 on my forehead . Lips getting dry. Got quite burnt yesterday. Lots of aloe vira needed 2day. Day 10 Got suntan lotion factor 50. The stronger the better i say. Went to dublin 2day to see my friends. 1 new pimple under my lip. but its only small. Went out 2nite and i got approached by a girl. That has only happened 2 me once before(b4 i had acne), it really boosted my confidence. Day 11 No new acne skin and
  12. Ya im bout the same. its like i have just been on a nite drinking r sumit. my face is really red as well. i hate it dis way. Best of luck with your progress
  13. Day 8. Not so dry 2day. but very itchy. my face feels really weird like its on the verge of exploading. Acne on my back and chest has cleared. Just the head now. My x-girlfriend is comin 2 c me in 3 weeks time, I hope i dont break out like crazy b4 den. Cos it mite ruin the chance of us getting back together, Getting my photo takin for the company mag 2morro. because im new!! Shud be interesting. I am also gettin a medical soon 4 my job. do they take ur blood at those? Anyway ttyl golf
  14. Ok iv missed a few poats. Thanks for all the support. I reeally have 2 be quick here because this is not my pc. so il catch up with every1 later. Day 6. Well today i got a nasty lookin (not sure what it is) spot on the left side of my forhead. It hurts so bad. I am always oily on my forehead. I have another 1 just above my eye. Day 7. The end of my first week. It doesnt really feel like a week. My lips are getting dry so i have to pick up something from the pharmacy tomorrow. I got a new pim