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  1. I've been able to add muscle size & definition, no problem
  2. What is the most amount of times any of you have taken accutane? I have done 3, including the current one, over a period of 5 years. I take it and I am good for a year, then it comes back (less severly each time)
  3. mine told me I would take a multi-vit on accutane, however, I suggest you check with your doctor as your dosage may be higher.
  4. mine has told me what it all meant before, he was able to tell that I ate a lot of fast food based off of my bloodwoork, I was impressed
  5. I've taken that, like when I was really sick, had nothing to do with acne
  6. Let me share what my dermatolagist said about thier experience as a practice related to accutane, sudicide and depression. I had noticed with myself, that taking accutane actually made me HAPPIER. My face was clear, and I didn't worry about it, so I was free to do other things. I had some side effects that were bothersome at times, but overall I was more social, healthier and generally happier ON the drug. The reason was that I was just so glad that I had a perfect complexion. My dermatolog
  7. I used it for a while. For some of the time it was completely clear and fine, but then it started to get mediocre again (I never really had bad breakouts). I decided to go on accutane before my health insurance expires when I graduate, and it had been about 1+1/2 weeks and I have only one pimple and my skin is pretty much perfect. Accutane is a far superior drug, if you don't mind taking it.
  8. if you are sure you are going to use accutane I would stop taking your oral antibiotics. If you take them close to accutane it could still be in your bloodstream when accutane is and can cause the hypertension in the blood vessels in your brain and give you horrible headaches. I had to stop taking orals for 3-6 days (I can't really remember that well, it was somewhere around there) before I started accutane
  9. I hear that about shaving. Do you use razor or electric? Switing to a razor (mach 3) with using shaving brush and shaving foam really helped me, it keeps my face more moisturized.
  10. I have mild acne and are probably in a similar situation as you. I have gotten prescribed accutane because nothing else completely got rid of my acne. I have taken it before (~2 years ago, and once one year before that), and just got another perscription in the last month to try it once more. My acne is not that bad at all, most people don't even think I have a problem with it, but no topicals and antibodies will get rid of it, it is just constantly medicore, except when I am on the accutane.
  11. my tip is don't get caught having sex on the beach, and if you do, bribe the cop
  12. I have heard of people taking super high doeses like that. When I was on it, maximum I took 40 mg per day. This was enough to give me some not so good side effects. If you take 100 per day, make sure you drink gallons of water, and use tons of moinsturizer, and not drink...