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  1. wtf ? your friend died from accutane ? i highly doubt it...anyways don't listen to this man he obviously wants you to try tetracyline again :naughty: :naughty: anyways...accutane is definitely in my system - face is getting very dry so i try to cover in moisturizer every day. also try to be open to the people you know about the medication you are on. even though this steve06 guy doesnt know what hes talking about...there is a chance of depression so let other people know this to remind yo
  2. hopfeully go swimming, if i have roaccutane taking care with my acne (i hope...) then i need to take care of my body... geting fit here i come!...
  3. tried them both, both absolutely CRAP! sorry ifd that disappointed you, but it might wrk better for you, never know, im on accutane now.... hope this works :S
  4. this stupid messed up boy (in the middle of TOWN!) yelled spotty at me pointed and all his chav pals laughed so there i was going even redder, about to break down crying with the whole of woodbridge town looking at me... u arn't alone , i get this shit all the time
  5. WOW ur so lucky!! i well hope i have the chance to cum bk here n say how gr8 it works! at the moment tho im lookin as hisdeous as eva ah well wots new?!
  6. the last paragraph is what i have to go through all the tim its really depressing isnt it, having everyone look at you and them want to look away... i go to hgh school and i get bullied ad picked on... its not good at all thogh i started roaccutane - uk version of accutane - a four days ago and already my skin is a lot clearer.. i think, though ive probly jinxed it now... good luck! let me kno how u get on
  7. My handy tip which i use all the time now - mainly for bed when im proned to pick n pop, is to wear gloves so that then you can use your nails or wateva to pick because the gloves are too think hope it works for u xx
  8. best of luck mate, im on day 4 soon to have 5th pill, only side effects im having is crying so much about reasons i am unlear of, the tiniest thing triggers me off. i really want dry lips or something which i know is a side effect so i know its actually working, but i guess its still early days for me
  9. im in, done half a day... only popped on on my shoulder accidentally? ok i lied, but i only dun that one, i will use my will power from now on, i just have to find it first, you know where it'll be!?! il get it my watching the OC seeingMischa barton and everyone all pretty thin and clear ski,n that'll have me not picking for ages, and not eating bad foods! Reccoment it to anyone! lol
  10. Good for you, someday I'll have a life too........ and me! i want a life! school isnt a great one though... and now its half term... oh the hell goes on!
  11. i read in a magazine that bottled water is a lot better than tap water, because tap water contains chemicals in it. As it would do coming from polluted systems and dirty taps and pipes... Try bottled, might help improve spots if your taking in less toxins? And swimming can help because it dried up spots and gets you fit, toned and healthier! Also taking bottled water to swimming is good way to help your self drink more and stop touching spots, you'll need your hand to swim, so picking will be no
  12. did you ever consider that maybe it's the excessive amount of urine in swimming pools that is helping your skin? ewe!! well i hope theres no floaters in there... i guess i knew about the urine thing, though urines in everything like house hold stuff, perfumes, makefup etc (well so i was told) so...
  13. Day Four My crying is worse, but i guess it'll only settle down. Not touching or looking at my face anymore, have even resulted to wearing gloves ALL thetime so that i don't toch and pick at my face or back Don't want anyone to see me, too hard because i know what they'll be thinking Can see bit more improvement, my background skin looks clearer and more like a normal persons skin background, except i still have hideous spots coving it. Hmph - can never win! thanx for ur support guys xx
  14. I'm on 40 mg a day and my lips really aren't that dry. I alwaya have to have chapstick on (aquaphor- go buy it. it'a the medicated ointment, it's amazing. i also like aveeno intense moisture.) They have never peeled or anything. I think it is due largely to the ammount of water i drink and the good fats i eat i.e. wheat germ oil, coconut oil, EVOO. as far as a break out goes, ya you'll get one mine wasn't horrible and it healed really fast. just drink tons of water!! thnx, good thin
  15. thanx i guess i should socialize more, i mean like you said that would help and i can't hide away forever, i have no social life and no confidence anymore thanx xxxxxxx
  16. acne used to make me feel down and then after starting roaccutance it did the same and i keep on crying a lot more and forget everything, like in the middle of a sentence i can't remember what i'm about to say, although when i get really upset now i don't reallyhave a reason, i just get so wound up at the slightest thing, and feel like such a bad person. I am unsure why though. Thanx, your really nice and supportive, and very helpful! Day 4 - Awful, cried even more than yesterday! And i di
  17. OMG! she musta been a right bitch! i hope u told her where to shove it! god i hate people like that who judge because of spots, i got bullied for years at school from mine, dnt let her get u down, majority of girls aren't that shallow! trust me! xxx
  18. ur still really pretty with or without spots, always remember that xx