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  1. I had to get it private and cost a bundle! Cuz they wouldnt give me any appointments of any sort on NHS
  2. im on 20mg a day, bin on it 9 days now and have verrrrry dry face! can't even smile... not that i would cuz i hate myself, but ah wellz
  3. Thnx ur so sweet Nick, shame though i've already cheated.... Not much though, just a couple cerial bars.... But no dairy! Whahey! Today had been. uhm. Eventful! I went to town and didn't have any abuse shouted at me or my acne!! OMGAD! Lol, and i had my hair cut, ALOT! Like 30cm off lol, and to think i still got quite a bit, though it goes to my shoulders now, its SOOOO cute when i wear pig tails! lol Face is a wreck today, though when isn't it.... i do see some improvement... not my
  4. well tht made my dinner taste a lot nicer.... *shoves the plate away and vomits*
  5. uhm y is it so hard being gay black and have acne? surely it shouldnt be any harder to find love, i mean aren't you being mean to urself n kinda rascist n sexist or sutin like tht?
  6. OMG seriosuly, as i was scrolling down this my jaw flung open! You look so different! (in a good way ofcourse!) wow i bet you get really excited to look in the mirror now dont ya!? lucky! ur well pretty
  7. im only 14, and been on differin (amongst everything else a doctor can perscribe) did no good, no onto dermatologists help
  8. il start a no crap diet today and write again in like a week to give a verdict
  9. DAY 7 Great day today, been with Pete and spent lovely Valentines together. Was really special. Haven't cried once!! And now going to bed, so yay! Effects: had drier lips today and my face felt really tight and itchy. I was determined not to itch though! On came my gloves!! im now starting the eat no dairy, additives, no saturated fats etc and obviously meat but i already cover that being a strict vegetarian! wish me luck, cuz hopefully it'll make me look healthier nad have impact on my s
  10. kwl, thankyou, will be looking forawrd to what your derm says,... well unless its ''no choc'' lol. xxxxx
  11. My breakfast = bowl of branflakes, quite a healthy start to the day dontcha think?! lol
  12. WOT A BITCHY GUY!!! (him not u!) a lil shit boy walked past me in town the other day with his mates n yelled spotty at me n laughed iwth his bumchums frends n pointed n the whole town stared at me, except tht lil shit of a boys mum killed herself last year so i didnt wana smack him or anything, but i still think its really cruel how he could make me feel so tiny about a problem i cant cure.... Dnt let u work mate treat u like tht, its unacceptable, its like were a different species tht are real
  13. aww darlin'! love yourself for who you are not what you look like! that's what girls will be doing. n i kno i sound like a load of crap cuz everyone tells me this n i dnt believe them, but maybe i shud, it makes sence.... if sumone doesnt like ur acne n then in sequence doesnt like u thts there fault, but if a persons a worthy person then they wont mind a body covered acne. xxxxxxx oooh i hav another idea!! get the girl to go on top, then she wont see your back, if she thinks it sounds od
  14. My mum ses when u go on roaccutane/accutane you get a higher cholesteral and have to diminsh to disgard most saturated fats incase of a problem, but i haven't read anywhere about this.... is it true? shud i be watching what i eat carefully?cuz i hav a box of choccies staring me in the face, and im worried if i eat them i may face consequences... oh wot am i going on about, i mite aswell just go on the low glycemol (or woteva its called) diet, and see if in time tht helps my face n skin
  15. ok, i will make myself determined to do this diet thing, it worked on me ages ago, i wouldn't touch anything that wasn't like 100% pure n healthy, im sure i can go back to this regime... excpet i have a box of chocolates sitting beside me i got from my bf for V.day... okay, il give them to dad... and start fresh!! Might aswell do lots of exercise aswell, maybe lose some weight, that'd be good! ah well, thanx for the tip! i just really need a bigger nudge in the irght direction, cuz my will power
  16. does this mean i should put my chocolates down?... ow
  17. if youve been on roaccutae/accutane or still are, when in your program did you have a break out of spots, and how bad was it and how long did it last? do u get more than one? im on 20mg a day, quite low, would this mean i may ot get a break out, and if i do not a bad one? plz help n write back, i need lotsa feedback to stop my insecurity and find the average time expectancy for my due breakout thanx
  18. i got it on persription, but im under 16, what age r u? cuz im only 14 - well like 12 wen i got it. n yeh it cries u out reli bad, i used to put a layer of that on then moisteriser over the tops, but then i looked awfully greasy, so i stopped usuing it altogether cuz i had better skin without it cuz u havta touch ur face to apply it n by touchin ya face ur spreading spots - or so my mum told me
  19. hand wash? uhm hello i have acne on my face & back... not my hands!
  20. year 5!! so i must have been about 10-11? And still have it today, 14 nearly 15, been bullied, now depressed, can't stop crying, destined to have it forever and on roaccutane. oh i hate myself