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  1. But ive heard that if you pop them (aka contact with ur skin) uyl b rubbing and fingering your skin which can cause more acne and damage the epidermis etc of the skin by squeezing etc, so its best not to and see the results, theyl b worth popping in a convo! trust xxx
  2. easier said than done i guess.... : WAAAAAA!!!! i have millions of red marks all over my face again i hate it!!!! i was doing well for like 3 days.... but it didnt seem to make a difference so i got sick of the white heads and everything a squezzed them all and now i hate myself more than i did before hand. God i can never win!!
  3. shunts, ur making out tht ur like 60!!?? please say ur not.... yes bmz's are still around.... *i think* lol. Face - as fucked up as ever!!
  4. wow thts reli gd idea! i hadnt actually thort of tht... i ges i gota get my calender out n mark a fat cross for today tho... well tomoro is a new day!!
  5. Thanks shunts i love you! lol... great tip! And im over stressing bout Pete - he has hoistys and a slutty gf im sure hel get preggers - so im all for it... Exams, well i just have to remember that in 3 days theyll b over and il make sure im prepared more for the proper exams Day 31!! Okay ive been drinking a lot more water for the past few days and that has done wonders!! Roaccutane seems to be properly kicking in now... My confidence is gone though... No mirrors, and gloves on all the tim
  6. okay i know i'm not the only one that has a huge problem in the circle of picking! I pick, regret it, assure myself il neva do it agen then do it agen and see scank face, and this pattern repeats itself all th time im sure many viewers have the same problem, if so HELP with all the tips you have up your sleeve. Any thing can help, minor or major, pitch in and read through what everyone says helps them Together, we can find something that can help us. please write and give your advice, no ma
  7. thankyou everyone for your help! is there any other tips because - even though the ones you have given me are great and have slightly helped - im stil a lost cause and need more tips to over sum it. Im awful ,and keep getting mad with myself straight after picking! Its really mind boggling! im stuck in a circle and cant get out.... please help! xxxxxxxx
  8. well ur very stupid to have done so on or off accutane! Shame on you!!!! i'm frowning! Not that anyone cares, so i'll shut up.. have a nice day...
  9. What type of drugs....? If it's illegal ones shame on you for even asking! if its not, uhm... i dont know
  10. initial breakout has arrived, hiphiphooray. Back with boyfriend, not sure if thts god or bad but well see. Hes already started snapping, but im set to make us happen and work cuz i love him. Lips VERY dry dont wana talk cuz got relli AWFUL thing on my mind i need to figure out. Is VERY bad and scary
  11. PLEASE ANYONE HELP. i am seriosuly crying here, scared stiff and shaking!! (this is mainly for girls, please no-one take the mick or judge) heres my problem - my boyfriend finger me and it may have been a bit rough as it hurt a bit and now i am bleeding loads, though it's definatly not my period. Is there any chance this cud just be my hymen broke? Or something worse as theres a lot of bleeding. Please help I am begging!!
  12. im hopeless!! i mean i dont even realise im touching my face and back until ive picked it and im kicking myself in
  13. Okay im 14 so i go to school, and as you do you get tired and bored (in some lessons) and usually lean on your hand as a 'head rest'. I do this a lot unfortunately and that encorouges me to pick because i can then feel bumpy skin and tend to poke then pick which results badly and makes me skin worse and red! (my horrific acne im on roaccutane for) Also when at home even if im not bored, without even having the slightest idea about it, my hand is on my face touching and feeling away and picking
  14. okay i'm in.... except i find it sooo hard! And i have ots of dry skin as well from Roaccutane that i am encorouged to pick more than i usually would be because i flake all the dry mess off... Oh i will never manage this... Unless i resort to my gloves again! Then theres no way i'll pick