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  1. Thank TenesseeGrl it's really nice having you talking to me on here! lol. Yeh i have red marks and plenty of them! And a few active ones.... i guess i am like my ex- boyfriend called me - a volcano face... Oh wellz! are you on any creams or just tane? Cuz im on duac and it is drying my face out like anything!!
  2. Day 56! Wow Week EIGHT!!! How kwl i'v bin at this roaccutane stuff for 8 weeks today!Ummm side effects today...: VERY dry and itchy. VERY painful face due to dryness... very red face, spots are decreasing daily though nothing new coming up anymore!!But knowing my luck i'll have just jinxed it and will wake up tomorrow with many whiteheads and stuff...Have exercised like fuck today!! Hoping that'll help the ''skin healing'' process as i've read it does help lots... Gloves are on still!! Does a
  3. 14!!! :( and have been a sufferer for years. How crappy has my childhood been with all this crap and bullying
  4. Awww TennesseeGrl thts so sweet and such gd advice, il try it thankyou. Are you on Tane? if so how are you doing with it?
  5. Yeh my face get's really itchy - then again flakey and painful... My tip is don't itch as youll probably aggravte the itch and acne.. instead wear gloves like me and sit on your hands!!
  6. no-one ever replies to me :'( DAy 54!! Face... PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh so painful and oh so dry!!! im now on duac as well as 40mg on roacctuane now. and omg it hurts!! i think i am beginning to see more results though, which is quite pleasing to say. Date with dave today. Went FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE TO ME PEEPS!!
  7. i can only count like 3 little spots so im envious of u, i was told i hav moderate... now im not so sure cuz i have like the amount u hav in 1cm squared area of my face
  8. Day 52 I don't look all that ghastly today.... But it's now the holidays so i have 19 days to look better by for school and impress people and be like haha to everyone thts picked on me. I wish...
  9. Day 50 on Roaccutane I went to the dermatologists yesterday and have now upped my dose to 40mg a day and i will be getting some topical stuff soon, probably tomorrow. Ixxx
  10. Today Fucking awful it gets.... Confidence is out of my league Happy is beyond the confidence All i have is tears and an awful mood! plus huge scankified spots all over the place...
  11. Day 44 Crap crap crap Skin as explained above Mood as explained above
  12. shunts r u eva on msn anymor? i miss talking to ya! lol xxx
  13. Today Dry lips, VERY ITCHY FACE!!! but i know i can't touch it yet i really want to....
  14. Gee thanks a lot - i have prfect english and i tdon't think i have to chill out if he's been such a wanker. I deserve to be upset and mad.
  15. Ok Pete the most horrible shit eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of him the blabber mouths of our school know everything to do with me and him, and all my secrets!!!! When i went up to him to tell him i no wot hes dun n stuff he waz like ''so??'' n i yelld sutin cnt memba wot n i wlked off w/ my m8s n he goes fuck of u scank volcano. i asked wtf he woz onnabout... he goes ur face!! :'( my acne ruining my life again!! I HATE THT FUCKED UP SHIT!!!! have u got any relly nasty revenge plans
  16. DAY 38 ROACCUTANE ( i think) Okay i have been a good little girly and not picked or touched my face for a whole day! i have this weird table/grid thing pinned next to my bed to tick every evening or each day, a box for drinking 2-3+ litres water that day, a box for exercise, a boy for healthy eating and a box for not picking. Its very encouraging. it helps me achieve my ''goals'' as i dnt want to see that im failing, id rather a constant reminder of doing well! Which for the past day i have ha
  17. SHUNTS! i finally found ur log! lol, hello! um... wot day u on now? i can't remember what im on? a couple days inront of u arent i? Hows it going? xxxxxxxxxx tlk to on msn l8r! xx
  18. thankyou! i wil exercise mor - probz for the best! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx