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  1. im in love with a guy, but hes mates with an ex- (pete)and i reli want him (reece)! he asked me out before if we 'went out in secret away from pete' but pete sed he dun care but that reece wud neva go out with me... altho reece asked me a while ago. Now he txt me askin if i still hav feeling for him and sed im just asking coz im wondering, and im thinking.... wots that mean!! please you guys help me i cant ask him out agen im too scared that hel laugh and everyone will be like ugh acne covered
  2. honest opinion? okay, i think u have very nice skin and can't see your red marsk at all, your probably just focusing on them when really no-one else can see them, seriously, i think i do it too, you look lovely, don't do anything, time will take its toll - your fabulous looking anyway! x
  3. Hey I think that means that your german is better then mine. haha..lol...and that though its my first language.. Anyways, Congrats for the great exam results.. Take care! cj thanks cj its real sweet to comment on my log teehee. hows your skin going?
  4. The 92nd day of Roacctuane - still 20mg a day with the occasional 40mg I am generally a lot happier nowadays which i'd firstly like to mention. And secondly i have a loevly boyfriend, But i need help! How can i make him feel normal and comfortable and not shy around me? because its quite awqward. please help! lol Skin is ''improving'' daily so thats good, worried im tarting to burn though as its really sunny often now. please writ in xx pics of me today x[attachmentid=4541][attachmentid=4542]
  5. Oh im even on macrobiotic diet trying to do all i can. but nothing will work.
  6. send it to ur email address and then download if from there davei t to ur picture file and then upload like normal xx atleast thats wot i do
  7. i think that putting a little blob of toothpaste on a spot helps as long and its only on there for a couple hours and not smeared everywhere. for me it reduces redness and bring the spot to head quicker
  8. i hate mi face so much too, cry weneva i see it, get bullied about is lots, bully myself loads about it yet i cant not look at it - probably in hope if i evil miself long enough the acne will get scared and run off... fat chance.... and everytime i do look in the mirror i pick and pick and pick which pisses me off so much because i cant stop miself mentally. then i cry more and more punch the wall and.... well i wont get into the *bloody* details about the razors.... but yeh i can see where your
  9. im going oddly red all of a sudden now... mi sis sez im flushed? i dun get it? if u guys r flushed wotsa ya faces look like? cuz i got worried i was sunburnt...
  10. oh crap! i deleted them like u sed but i didnt realise they wer gunna go from the posts! oh dear... ummm il try post them agen... though i think i deleted most my pics... xxx
  11. That means you are getting better! Moms are the best judges of that stuff... well, my mom is at least! Lots of objective opinions! The reason you can't add more photos is because the forum limits how many attachments you can scatter around. Go to my controls, Manage my attachments, and delete a few. You should be good to add more! #Thanks tennesseeGrl ur well helpful and kind to help out muchly appreciated! And yeh i hope mum's are the best judges lol. she does seem genuine when
  12. thankyou for the compliment... in time hopefulli il think tht way too... yeh i totally agree wid the cheeks thing, its such a pain!! good luck to u too. x
  13. Day 62 On this crap I have sum pics today... bit frightened to show them... but i guess you guys wont judge as we're all in the same boat? Dry still and spotty yet less active spots and improvement is slowly more and more visable each day. And mum keeps looking at me odd and smiling really huge and going ''oh i can so see it working now'' which no matter how much i deny it... does make me feel a bit better... here are the photos...[attachmentid=4200][attachmentid=4201] What are you thinking
  14. Wow Katie you look gorgeous!! You definately can't see any scars of your odd pimple, u look flawless!! Wow i so wanna look like you! x
  15. Hey shunts!! glad ya doin well, wish u all the best! and hey i found ur log thing!! There was a lot to read so i skimmed it But :~) well smile anyway!! xxxxxxxxxx
  16. write in how long you've been on accutane/roaccutane for. Then improvements or in a few cases the worse. Tell others what to expects, and more so read to find out what to expect yourself. i fink it'd b pretty kwl if we cud get thsi going n wud definately help lotsa people so write in! xxxx day 58 - active acne is definately improving and reducing which is great! Lots of red marks left... and the redness is increasing... scars? will they go with accutane too? very achey joints and no energy...