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Picture Comments posted by blonde-x-with-x-brains

  1. ARG acne coming back!!!!!!!

    MEGA fucked off.....

    probably the stress of GCSES

    BUT... getting A*s in all subjects - good thing about acne, focus on school work as you have no social life.... well that's in my case.

    i'm sure you people have social lifes!

  2. wow thats so awesome!! im glad you got through it...

    any tips for me?? im just starting accutane....

    wen i started tane got me really down crying like everyday loads, so don't let that happen to you!! be positive and realise it will work just take its time :dance: and think you'll be clear and happy! :> wahay! xxxxx oh and definately get vaseline or something for your lips and nose! they will get dry :|