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  1. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Taking the morning after pill..

    !The topic title sums it up... can you take the morning fter pill when on accutane? please answer....!
  2. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Teen acne sufferers read.

    Normal? I've never seen kids in my high school with a face like mine.. Must have been an early developer in the way of hormones cause my face has been screwed looking like that since i was 11.... God must have a grudge against me.
  3. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Small zits

    Drinking loads of water and eating lots of fruit helps me...
  4. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Losing my friends....

    i used to be in exaclty the same predicament, i dont realy have much advice, all i can say is you arent ugly. I no i havnt seen you... but i no that you are not ugly. No-one with acne is, boys like theones you describing are. I agree with lostcause. Make some lessshallow friends, and until thn, gd luck xxx
  5. blonde-x-with-x-brains


    happy october
  6. right on primrose oil tablets for skin as thy are sed to balance hormones but i havent come on my period, nearly a week late. il be fucked if im pregnant, but i seriously DONT think thats the case....... please say if you know anything about primrose oil and delaying cycles x
  7. blonde-x-with-x-brains


    ..huh? lol, okay. Thanks
  8. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Getting Accutane in the uk

    yeah its worth it... i was in same position, cost a bmb shell. great while ur on it, not so gr8 if it comes back after....
  9. blonde-x-with-x-brains


    Okay, so i may have got people's hopes up writing 'Sex Pills'. I don't mean viagra... just wanted people to read and advise... So, i'm nearly 16 - been on tane for a year after trying every facial cream, and antibiotic the doc cud give. Acne is back. Bratty school kids with clear skin are coming back with their usual words... Volcano Face, Crate Face, Pizza.... oh it goes on. But unlike them i'm in a long term relationship (!) And i want to go on the pill - for acne and ofcourse the safety
  10. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    exercise/foods to improve acne

    thanks guys, your help looks really gd. now... i just need to keep off the bad stuff and exericise. hopefuly the acne will stay away. will go swimming . thanks x
  11. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    exercise/foods to improve acne

    What foods and exercises have helped you? and how long have you been on them? i'm coming off tane now after having been on it for about a year! and laready im getting my spots back. soon i may not be able to see through them... scary to think. so if you kind people are reading this. please tell me your tricks.... i can't go back to a high school that bullies the shit out of me for being a 'crater face', 'pizza', 'volcano' etc.... write back xxx
  12. blonde-x-with-x-brains


    thanks opportunity, that link is ace, il upload my pics onto it! x
  13. blonde-x-with-x-brains


    so, i've been on accutane for quite some time now... and i have 10 pills left.. so thats 5 days worth. i am seriously freaked of what to expect from my skin after i finish.... i really don't want to be bullied again! i really wouldn't be able to live with horrendous acne again.... any advice? or anyone thats finished tane - hows your skin been etc. Tips needed!! thanks xxxxxxx
  14. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    Where I'm at...(With Pics)

    where r ur spots???? i see none! lol
  15. blonde-x-with-x-brains

    before and after accutane