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  1. i have them too on my jawline and left cheek and i'm using accutane,i assure you accutane doesnt work on them properly
  2. thanks you for answer,i can't buy paulas choice because it doesnt available in my country but i can assure you,it wouldnt work for me because i used many products and none of them worked properly and accutane was my last hope but accutane doesnt recover so far and i'm worrying about it so much.Sorry for bad english
  3. any advice or guessing ? i'm in 5 month 7 day and nothing changed.WTF.i'm 65 kg and i'm using 60 mg.
  4. You talking about blackheads? They suck maybe chemical peel could help you? if you use accutane for clogged pores and and whiteheads,i think you should think about it, because accutane may not work on closed comedones or something like that but may not.i can give you example from mine,i'm in 5 month accutane treatment,first 3 month 40 mg,4. month 50 mg and now i'm in 5 month 1 day and i didn't see any result,recovering,changing on my skin,they're exactlye same as before.Maybe after 5 month ma
  5. anyone else has any knowledge about accutane and closed comedones ? please let me know ,i'm sending some pictures about these type of acne.
  6. thank you for answer,my derm said that you have five percent that may not exceed.i'm thinking that it is a little percent but i'didnt see any change and i'm afraid.i hope your acnes will recover soon. sorry for my bad english its my second language.
  7. i want to ask things about closed comedones.I'm in roaccutane treatment.i used 3 month 40 mg dosage and i'm end of the 4. month with 50 mg dosage (my last 2 or 3 days) but i did not see any changing on my closed comedones.My face always in red colour because of treatment especially my cheeks.i'm using my face twice in a per day with avene clear ac cleasing creme before that la roche posay effeclar oily skin cleasing gel and effeclar h cleasing foam.My derm said that you shouldnot use any cream l
  8. i want to ask you something about this stubborn closed comedones,i have them too much on my chin and i'm using roaccutane and i'm in 4. mounth,i'm using 50 mg and i'm 65 kilogram.i'm so hopeless that until now there is no change in my closed comedons and i'm worrying about whether it get better or not.sorry for my bad English.