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  1. Apparently it should be out of your system after around 5 weeks.
  2. Hey M take it easy, don't get over-stressed and don't start looking for side effects because you'll start to trick yourself. I played football on Wednesday and my god i'm still stiffer than a paedo in a school. Felt like my joints were slowly seizing up. Anyway, i'm still getting the odd spot appearing, and my lips are quite dry, but I find putting emollient (ofr ezcema and dry skin) on them helps. My face is still itchy at times and the spots I do get are little bastards. As far as the mental
  3. Hey Mikaela. Just letting you know my progress. Face is really itchy at the moment. I've had a few spots appear along my jawline and along my brow and I feel some under my skin if you know what I mean. My chin area is starting to gently peel. I don't know if i'm just imagining it but my hair feels softer and in general my skin feels softer and smoother. On the first night of taking it I had a small rash on my hand, but I doubt that was the tane working so fast. Nothing much else to say really.
  4. I started Roaccutane yesterday too Mikaela. 40mg/day. Hopefully we'll be rid of it soon. Good luck
  5. Glad your pleased with your new derm. I've been off the booze since new year and i've been out on a couple of nights out. It's good fun seeing all your mates absolutley minging drunk, showed me what a state we all get in Plus you just drink water and you save cash. I'll see what the derm says about NZ. He'll probably want me in the country just incase anything goes wrong. Keep us posted with how you're getting on. Best of luck Iain.
  6. Hey Nikki. Don't have much time to type but here we go. It sounds like i'm in the same situation as you. I've got my third appointment with the derm next Wednesday, which happens to be my 22 birthday. The first time I went he offered me roaccutane but I decided against it due to the side effects. Anyway, over the past few months i've been getting more and more annoyed with myself, so I phoned up the derms and I've decided to go onto Roaccutane. The only thing is, i'm heading off to NZ in 2 wee
  7. Hi lads/ladies. I'm arranging to go back to the derm and ask to be put on tane. I've been reading through all the journals and cysts seem to be a major factor in the breakout stage. I've never really had cysts on my face, the odd one or two on my back every couple of months. So, i'm wondering what the likelyhood of getting some will be. Any advice would be great.
  8. Probably 10 mins when i've got the time to spare. On average probably between 5-10. Water's normally as hot as I can take it.
  9. This is interesting, i've been coming to this conclusion over the past few months now too. I noticed that when ever I stayed at someone else's house my skin always looked better, and everytime I returned home I would breakout. I also noticed that when I have a bath or a shower my back would begin to get zits all over it. So I only had a shower once a week for two weeks and my back cleared up. The only problem was I put differin on my face so I had to wash that off so I was still getting spots on