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  1. geminirock19

    Acne breakout in the fall??

    Yes, yes yes. The fall is a horrible time for acne, in my experience. I don't know what does it, it's not even cold here in Florida, all we have is a light breeze coming in. But like clockwork, my skin that has behaved all year has just gone absolutely nuts. It is so frustrating to finally achieve clear skin and then get a bunch of cysts again!
  2. geminirock19

    Things Only People With Acne Will Understand!

    Yes! When my face is bad I can hardly step into or walk past the Sephora/Ulta/makeup stores. It's torture! And I say keep this thread going forever. I think it's one of the best threads on acne.org lol.
  3. geminirock19

    When To Stop Using The Regimen

    Well, personally I don't use the Regimen products, I do the regimen with my own preferred store bought products. If I had to buy the Regimen stuff every time I ran out, I'd probably be searching for an end too. However, my stuff is affordable enough so that I see no reason to ever stop doing the regimen. It works, I'm still clear a year and a half later, and I feel my face has really found its perfect groove. If you're interested in the store products I use, you can let me know and I'll list th
  4. geminirock19

    Blackheads And Bumps On Chin?

    A thin layer of benzoyl peroxide on that area, with extra put directly on top of each spot. Right before you go to bed. I bet they heal fast!
  5. Your skin and history sounds similar to mine. I've been messing around with Acnefree for the last 8 years in one form or another. First was the "Severe" kit, then I tried to move on to the BP wash, which ended up way too harsh on my skin and not helpful, at all. Finally last year I seem to have fallen into my perfect face routine (which still includes one acnefree product) First off... for face wash, it's all about Olay. It's so gentle yet powerful, I swear it gives my face a glow and controls
  6. No offense anyone here if you're related to a dermatologist or love them... but they're truly about as useful as a pen with no ink. I've never been to one who wasn't self-involved or catty, or just not plain right. And don't worry about not sticking up to yourself, I'm always thinking of things I should've said AFTER the fact! You really don't realize what happened until it's over because normal people usually don't say things like that to you. I'm sorry he was such a jerk!! Also, I have combi
  7. geminirock19

    Acne.org Regimen And Removal Of Makeup?

    I change it up a little bit for my night time regimen and do the 10 second washing twice. So 10 seconds, rinse well with lukewarm water, and repeat another 10 seconds. I only wear light mineral makeup at most, but I have done it for liquid foundation too and it seemed to come off. Hope it works for you!
  8. geminirock19

    My First Post (Very Oily Skin)

    Mark50, So you are not going through the super drying, flaky part of the regimen? Odd because usually it starts out so drying and hardly any oil at all, until the end of the day or something.. Hmm! Have you tried Vitamin A pills? I hear they can reduce oil. Also, I can personally recommend Olay's foaming face wash for oily/combination skin. Used as the face wash with the regimen. It controls my oil like a beast! That mixed with some oil blotting wipes might be the key.
  9. geminirock19

    Huge Breakout. Please Help

    Ab95x, Sorry I'm late getting back to you! I was out of town for a few days. To answer you about the Terminator gel, no it never broke me out once I started using it correctly, all over my face, instead of just spot treating. Once I started it with the Regimen, it was only good things from there. Makeup brushes are ok, but make sure you wash them after each application. I use Elf's makeup cleanser and it's super easy- you just spray it on and wipe it off. It smells good too! A lot of caus
  10. geminirock19

    After 2 Years, Regimen Stopped Working

    I'm pretty much having the same issue, getting more cysts cropping up after a year of being totally clear on the Regimen. I'll cry if it stops working longterm. Anyone else been through this, or going through it now?
  11. geminirock19

    Huge Breakout. Please Help

    I'm so sorry you're going through such a bad breakout! It's terrible isn't it? I can only tell you what worked for me with the same sort of acne. I will tell you exactly what I use because NO other face wash/acne gel/moisturizer has ever worked for me except these. They all broke me out. I use Olay foaming face wash for combination skin, it's at Walmart. Blue and purple bottle. Wash gently with a nice lather for 10 seconds. repeat over again for 10 seconds if you had makeup on) For acne g
  12. geminirock19

    And The Nightmare Returns..?

    I've been on the regimen for 11 months, it'll be a year on Christmas. This time last year my skin was hideously caked in cysts and I was at the end of my rope. I pretty much desperately promised I would make a change and a few months into it I did get clear. I lived 2014 overall free of acne! My skin was baby smooth and clear and man, that was fun. Well, the last few weeks my chin is starting to break out all over again. I've literally changed nothing about how I do my regimen. I've never stoppe
  13. geminirock19

    Chin Cystic Acne

    I would kind of expect more from a veteran member... something a little more positive. That's just not true, by the way. I just got clear this past year and I'm 28
  14. geminirock19

    Chin Cystic Acne

    Boy can I relate to you! The only difference is I never really had clear skin, I had acne in high school all the way up to last year. I'm 28 and it got so bad last year (coincidentally 27, same age you are) that I was just desperate to try anything. I went on a vacation cruise last year, probably the only one I'll ever get to go on, and I had about 15 painful cysts all over my chin and sides. I'll never forget looking like that on the biggest vacation of my life. I've tried it all and amazingly,