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  1. Hey guys, I been using adapalene (retinoid; highly pure vitamin C). Its a very strong gel, however I need to get prescription for it all the time. I just wanted to know will my face be more tolerable to irritation?
  2. I am from the UK and recently purchased the range of regiman face product. I wanted your opinions on how effective this product actually is in comparison to anything else. I am also on differin right now, but I need something for the morning too and thought this would help. Having gone through some of these pictures, I saw success in all of you beautiful people. I am not happy with my apperance and wish to cleanse my face with acne, so please divulge any information regarding this product. R
  3. I am 20, and ever since my acne started I been worrying about my apperance. I look really unattractive, and my face is with little spots and blemishes. I recently came across differin from my doctors, I wanted you all to share experience of this product and tell me if its effective. Also if you have used it, how long did it take for any effect? Please do give me any other advice, I am really worried and downhearted about my grotesque apperance.