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  1. i'm asian with thick skin, and i always try to pop my cyst. i dry them up so that they start peelng, and when the skin on the cyst gets thin enough and the infection comes to the surface, i lance it with a needle and pop it. once it pops, it starts to flatten and heal. if i don't pop it, it takes longer to go away, and may come back in the future because the gunk that clogged the pore didnt get removed. i am fortunate that i havent had any scars from popping. i have a few small indents on m
  2. hi, i'm a 25 year old female who's been battling with acne for about 8 years now. i normally have a lot of whiteheads/blackheads, and i get several huge, underground cysts a month. these cysts often take at least a week to go away and leave behind a dark red mark for a long time. whenever i get these cysts, i usually apply loads of benzoyl peroxide on it. this ends up drying the skin and turning it red. eventually, the skin will peel off. once the skin peels off, a fresh, thinner layer of
  3. I'm assuming yo haven't received a whole lot of blowjobs in your life. Otherwise you would know the size of a girl's lips really don't make a difference. But if it satisfies your curiosity... yes, I do indeed give THE most fantastic blowjobs, thank you very much. Muahahha. PWNED.
  4. so, i had this big pimple that popped and drained a few days ago. the skin there was dry and peeling because i had put BP on it. right now, i have another pimple next to it, and i applied BP to it last night. i guess i accidentally got some BP on the old pimple that drained, because i started feeling it burning in the middle of the night last night. i didn't do anything about it. when i woke up this morning, the area surrounding that old pimple is pretty red. it's also weeping pus! that's
  5. Are cortisone shots covered by insurance? if not, how much do they cost? do you have to get a consultation and everything before the shot? i dont have a derm and im afraid ill be charged a lot for a shot.
  6. i've had this cyst on my upper cheek (right beneath the "bag" under my eye) for almost 2 weeks now. it is about the size of a pinto bean and it is very noticeable and disgusting. normally, when i get cysts, they go away in about a week when i keep applying BP to it. this one seems to be sticking around... the cyst started out hard and sore, but now it's kinda soft and when i press of it i can kinda feel the matter moving around inside. it's no longer sore though, and it doesn't seem to be comin
  7. it sounds ok cause 4% BP isn't that strong and you're only supposed to use the peel twice a week. however, proceed with caution cause it still might be too much for your skin. why don't you just ask your derm?
  8. I don't know how much Iodine is in there... but Iodine is known for causing acne.
  9. I've read from many different sources that refined carbs and sugar causes acne. If that's the case, would an Atkins or Low Glycemic diet be beneficial for acne? Have you guys heard of people who cleared up while they were on the above mentioned diets?
  10. Thanks for the nice words. I guess the spots aren't as noticeable in the pics since you guys can't really see them. I'll just try not to be so self conscious.
  11. I have hypopigmentation all over my back thats caused by using an at-home microdermabrasion kit 2 years ago. I had overdone it and caused my back to get red, itchy and irritated and peel like crazy a few days later. I still have white spots from the skin trauma 2 years ago. At first, I wasn't sure if the spots were caused by uneven application of sunblock lotion, but I have tried to tan my back and those spots won't tan. Currently, I'm trying to even out my back by keeping it out of the su
  12. I have white spots (hypopigmentation) all over my back because I used a at home microdermabrasian kit on it two years ago. Two years later, and I still haven't gained the pigment back and the spots make me really self conscious. When I go to the beach, I keep my shirt on. I noticed that the white spots on my back are as light as the skin on my ass. I suppose that if I don't expose my back to the sun for years, the rest of my back that is tanned will fade back to a color as light as my ass an