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  1. I find alot of females with acne attractive. Not only do I think they are hott, there is this feeling of understanding between two people with acne which is a turn on for me (as long as the person I am looking at is a female ).
  2. Today has not been fun because I was getting so excited. I broke out after having two days with nothing. I am going to leave the epsom salt on for a few hours now like when I started instead of only 30 mins like I have done the past 3 nights.
  3. It has been a long while since I have posted on here. I have been using the epsom salts on my face for the last 4 days and it has made a difference. I still have acne, but my breakouts are so small and they go away in a day or two. I went from having Moderate acne to very mild acne. I still have about 5-8 active spots on my face but they are so small. Then tonight at work something amazing happened. A fellow male co-worker of mine stopped in the middle of a conversation we were having and told
  4. Ok..well the more important question...what is causing the hormonal imbalance and how do you correct it??? (and don't say puberty)
  5. Dirty Pillow cases do not cause my acne..so I never change them they look terrible...like someone dipped them in rust
  6. Good to see some fellow stoners in here...lol I don't think Pot affects my acne...but I could see why it would affect some people (the hormones and what not)
  7. Well looks like I am done with the garlic... It is coming out of my pores now...I smell like I am wearing garlic cologne Only taken it for 2 days now (2 cloves on the first day, 3 yesterday) Do you think I would still smell if I only ate 1 clove a day?
  8. This is seriously not a joke but... I ate 2 minced cloves of galic yesterday (my first day with the garlic program) and now whenever I pass gass (ok...fart)...it smells like garlic! Is this unusual?
  9. Hey Yall, I have decide to cleanse my body! I have taken so many supplements and ate so many terrible foods my entire life, even if this doesn't help with my acne I hope it helps with my overall health. I have really dry skin, constant gas after I eat, and I just feel tired alot. Quick question for you all...I was thinking of cleaning my parasites, kidneys, liver and bowel. I found a really interesting site that has pics and everything:http://drclark.ch/info/bowel.htmand http://drcla
  10. hey jc and yall... I just ate some RAW garlic...it wasn't bad at all I chopped it up and ate it with a fork while washing it down with water one question... a clove of garlic is not the entire thing, just one of the little bulbs right? Hope this helps... atleast it is good for me either way
  11. I have taken Minocycline for years on and off. I just started taking it again and it is killing me. I have joint pains and my gums and tounge are developing sores (it looks like I have herpes in my mouth!!!) Has anyone experienced side effects like these before? This has never happened before on mino...strange
  12. This thread is intended to be a warning for those using supplements in an attempt to control their acne I just want to say - make sure you know what is going into your body I suffered from acne for a while...to see my history view this post http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...ght+change+life If you read the info i posted in the link above, you already know that i started to fight my own battle against acne with a supplement called threelac. I had great success with it and g
  13. Doctor had me on it for like 4 years.... BAD IDEA I should SUE my doc x-specialy after I asked him "is there a chance my acne will get worse after prolonged use of Mino" and he said "NO" now I have hell to pay and so do others use it for a month....NO MORE