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  1. Day 35 My skin looks so so so so so amazing. Not one spot, beautiful tone and reduced red marks. Wow. At my derm appointment he was amazed at the rate it had cleared up and said it should be permenant with it working so quickly. The only side effect is dry skin - not on my face but I have a cracked lip and after a grip on the supermarket trolley today I realised that the palms of my hands were peeling off in clumps - weird and extremely unattractive. hello hand cream. The nurse was tellin
  2. Shunts Just checking in to say hi and how are things? I'm so glad you translated your cockney rhyming slang because all I know is apples and pears and Britney Spears (For anyone that knows even less than me about this, that's stairs and beers). I should hang my head in shame at being a UKer and knowing so little cockney. The shame! Don't worry about your bad days on the accutane b/cos it sounds like you've been having far more good ones.
  3. Day 25 Well i've been so so so busy this last week so I haven't been updating at all but the good news is my skin looks amazing right now. I have one tiny spot. All week it's been looking better and better. It feels so smooth as well. I love it! The red marks have gone down alot so I feel like I could actually go out without make up. The side effects have been minimal - slightly dry skin but I see that as more of a desired effect. Hey who wants a greasepan face? Does anybody know if th
  4. Hi don't worry about that new one popping up. Remember Accutane's job is to get any gunk out of your pores so it's just doing it's job to make you crystal clear by the end of the course. Enjoy your trip
  5. On the leaflet inside my pills it says cut down or stop drinkinking alcohol and my derm said it's because the Accutane already puts your liver under pressure so alcohol therefore puts it under more pressure. I went out last Saturday and had two vodka and lemonades and I was fine however i'd usually drink more than that. I personally don't think it's worth drinking alot because if the alcohol causes your liver to be affected you won't get your accutane prescription. I'm really glad your skins
  6. That's great. You must have felt so good when someone else noticed as well. i'm so happy for you, me and everyone on this site that Accutane has helped. And I can see in my crystal ball that we will have no more breakouts and will have clear beautiful glowing skin for ever. Well I hope so anyway.
  7. Thanks Tennessee Girl Day 17 My skin is looking amazing at the moment. It's not greasy at all but not horribly dry and flaky either. A good amount of moisturiser on a morning and evening keeps it looking good. My pores have practically disappeared. I don't ever remember it looking this good I do however have a HUGE spot on the end of my nose (so the worse place to get a spot) but after having a face full of the buggers a week ago I really don't care. As far as side effects go I have
  8. Helen I was thinking the exact same thing about Mr Tumnus and Lucy's friendship. Kinda creeped me out. Mr Tom i've been reading you're log. I work with 7 year olds too. They are far too honest to work with when you have acne. I was asked the other day why I had alot of spots Good luck with your progress
  9. Ha ha that's always good to know. Pile on that lip balm
  10. Shushubat, Yeah it is always good to hear them but I don't know anybody else that has been on it. Although I don't suppose it's something you immediately tell people. Do your friends have any red marks at all? Do they need to wear cover up or go out naked faced? I want that so much. I have four months left before I qualify as a teacher. I spend 50% of the time on placement and 50% at uni. I must admit I love the uni part - sleeping late, partying and just generally being irresponsible.
  11. It's been kinda fun for me too so far. It's weird seeing you're face change, especially getting rid of that horrid oil. I have such a hate/hate relationship with that. If your lips are dry moisturise ALOT. I've been using Carmex and I left it at home today. I'm shocked how dry and flaky my lips are. I feel like they are about to peel off. I think when they get dry it's hard to get them smooth again. Good luck with your skin in the next few days and have a lovely weekend. I'll be reading
  12. Hey glad to hear that you're having a good skin day. I think the initial breakouts get less each time so you're definitly heading in the right direction. I think i'll buy some eucerin cream. I've been looking for a good moisturiser. At the moment i'm using Olay Totaly Complete but my skin is getting so dry I think I need something more moisturising. Good luck chick. You're 35 days down. Congragulations.
  13. Hi Shunts Just a quick note to say good luck. The thing you said about the half paper bad made me laugh I think you're on to a winner there. Why not go into business making trendy full and partial paper bags for acne sufferers. I think it'd catch on and people with clear skin would follow the trend. I do really feel for the guys on this site though because at least girls can wear makeup to cover some of the little buggers up. Have a great weekend
  14. Are you ok chick? You sound a bit down from your post. I'll send you a big smile and get dancing (sorry I just love these smiles so any excuse!) I wish i'd started Accutane a long time ago also. My doctor used to say i'd grow out of acne and now ten years on and i've still got it. The problem in the UK is that you can't see a derm until your GP refers your, so you're not actually seeing the specialist until it becomes severe or persistent. But I have read that the chances of developin
  15. Day 10 Shunts I'm very well thank you. My face is starting to peel off but apart from that i'm just great. After all it's Friday!!! Yeah! Shushubat and Amber Lynn Well i've certainly been taking advantage of the fatty food opportunity. I went out for Mexican yesterday and had dessert thinking it's doctor recommended. The only down side is it's going to mean more gym visits and I don't have enough time in the day as it is at the moment. kj1982 I agree we are far too old to be h