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  1. please dont judge, i understand you may have perfect lips and would not want this scar their, am i right ? lip scars are the worst trust me.
  2. i see improvement. im sorry its so slow though, make mix it up with other methods. it works for me
  3. so ive been fighting a nasty scar on my lip for the last 2years. ive done restylane, subcision, dermrolling, retrinol, vitamin c serum, peptides. just about everything people recommend. wanted to know if u can see any improvement ?
  4. try using a gentle lotion, something without fragrence or purfume.
  5. that looks like mild eczema, or maybe impetigo.
  6. about 1 1/2 year post restylane. must say it was not worth it. i had done above my lip on a scar and ive actually lost alot of feeling in my upper lip and its even permantly swollen on 1 side(not alot but its still there). when i returned to my doc and asked he just assured me everything was okay and it looks great. i took this as his way of saying "im done with you". dont do it, save ur money. stick with the dermblade. depressed now. hope i can help someone not get fillers with this post
  7. that scar looks like it will heal nicely. i would check back here in 1-3month with an update
  8. that sucks cuz i had results. i also did multiple procedures too. but i do think needling helps to some extent, but it not a 100% fix
  9. i have a chemical burn on my LIP for the last 4 years. ever ounce of me is broken
  10. if u can afford the treatment, i wish u could share picture. it really does alot of justice for these procedures
  11. i had subcision + filler. regret it as i had it done on a scar above my lip so my lip was lob sided for 2years. scar is still there. and im still extremely self concious. hope u turn out better than me
  12. i made a topic awhile ago for redness. try cold pressed hemp oil. helped me with my chemical burn.