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  1. I'm in the same boat as you guys as well Is there a way to cure it?
  2. Hi Annie! I sincerely hope it works for the both of us! Have you experienced any side effects so far? Hi Crimson Storm! Yeah its been difficult for me to even talk about my Trichotillomania. I honestly feel like no one else understands. Although I know that's not necessarily true. I'm very glad that someone on here can relate to me with that. It gives me hope. I hope so too! Fingers crossed. The only side effect that I have so far are dry lips, but it isn't unbearable. I'm stocked on aquap
  3. I just started Accutane today too with the same dosage as you. Hopefully, it works out well for the both of us and we'll have beautiful, flawless skin soon!
  4. I have the exact same thing, and it's so annoying! It's just there, not willing to move or disappear at all.