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  1. Many of us who are tested for allergies are not tested for food allergies. They must be specifically tested for, not by pricking the skin, but by blood test. There are even doctors who say diet has no affect on acne, but that is extremely misleading. If you're allergic to some type of food, that food will cause inflammation, which can lead to acne as well as dozens of other problems. There are cultures that have no acne whatsoever simply because of their diet. If you don't think you have
  2. Yeah, it definitely goes down a lot. I poured a whole tube in with a cup of water and some of the curel. It's more diluted, but I'll apply it a few times a day and see what happens.
  3. I was scared about Accutane since it sometimes causes liver damage and hair loss years down the road. Also, the acne might come back eventually, sometimes just as bad or worse. I wouldn't use it, just because of the hair loss, but I haven't talked to a doctor about it, just read some forums about it.
  4. I can't really spread retin-a micro on my back, so I poured water in with retin-a and some curel natural moisturizer that contains oatmeal, chamomile and lavender into a spray bottle. I play to spray it on acne areas once or twice a day. That way it gets the moisturizer and retin-a at the same time. Does this sound feasible? Or will Retin-A react with the moisturizer? I started with spraying pool water (which has chlorine in it, and I noticed pool water clearing up my skin before) but it did