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  1. I also have mild but persistent acne and with the stopping of all topicals I've only gotten 1 new pimple in like 2 weeks and my redmarks are fading really fast. When I was using BP, my face was always red and almost every morning I'd wake up with a new pimple, but now my face is regular skin color again and breakouts are minimum. I think the BP made my face worse because my skin is so sensitive and it was just irritating it so much. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, I'll gladly a
  2. Well I just wanted everyone to know that I cured my oily skin once and for all. And it was so easy that I feel stupid for not trying it for 6 months. Right now my regimen is to only wash my face morning and night, no topicals or anything and I've cleared up 95% because of it. But to get to the oily skin part, I've been using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser liquid forever and recently I've changed to the Cetaphil gentle cleanser bar soap. For the three days I've been using it I haven't been oily once. J
  3. For the past year my skin has just been unbelievably oily. The only thing I do for my face is wash it in the morning and night with Cetaphil gentle cleansing face wash. Afterwards my face is nice and dry, but not dry like tight and flaky. After about 40 minutes my face is covered in oil and every hour to hour and a half I have to blot it. And not my whole face is oily either, just my cheeks. My chin and mustache area stay dry so the oil looks even worse then. Is there any way I can calm down the