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  1. i had like 50 of those things around my chin area, you can get rid of them but it takes patience. you have to moisturize the area for like 2 or more weeks and you will be able to GENTlY squeeze the stuff out. it will not come out unless the stuff is moisturized . oce you have moisturized for 2 weeks at the minimun try and GENTLY squeeze teh sides of the whitehead and it should come out, but if it doesn't moisturize for another week or so and it should come out. i didin't wait long enough for one
  2. um, what do you think a blackhead is? essentially, it's just a clogged pore. and what clogs that pore?...oil and dirt and dead skin cells. clogged pore = blackhead. it just seems like on this site, people don't like to call a "clogged pore" a "blackhead" until it's been there for a while and they can actually see that the tip of the clog/plug is black...but that doesnt mean that a few weeks/months earlier that same "clogged pore" was any different without it looking black. it's all the sa
  3. Glad to see that the face wash I use has a very low risk!!! haha yea
  4. if you get acne then wte is casuing the first step of acne (clogged pores) water will not be enough to keep your pores clean and your face acne free. its just the facts...you need bp and a cleanser that is right for your skin to prevent and heal your acne.i know its a bitch findin somethin that works for you but thats the steps you gotta take. i think the water solution would only work for somebody with perfect skin. my skin isn't acne prone i just get clogged pores easily and i tried the whole
  5. thanks everybody, i had bought it and tried it out because i was kinda desperate lol turns out it blows...i was weirry about it not saying non-comedogenic, and well they didin't lie at least. it clogged my pores...i didn't use enough for it get too outta control but it sure as hell isn't what i wanted lol thanks.
  6. i would if i could but they are all garbage if you have bad skin. they all have ingredients that are bad and only work for people with good skin. now if yo udont have dry skin or acne prone skin then there just might be one that works for you. lemme know...o ya descirde those hard pimples under your jaw alittle more, some people get the right words mixed up with acne lingo.
  7. if you get clogged pores and blackheads esily water doesn't really work becuase it doesn't clean off the all the crap on your skin that cloggs them, but if that isn't your case i would give it a shot. if that doesn't work you will need to make your own regimen that includes the usuage of bp because that is the only thing that kills p acnes. good luck though
  8. http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2/searc...n_cat=SKIN+CARE
  9. i used a couple differnt cleansers and they all had a couple of the same ingredients that caused little tiny red bumps mostly on my forhead like micro zits. the ingredients just didn't work on my skin, but that clean and clear scrub didn't have any so i figured it would be fine. each time i tried a differnt cleanser i gave it enough time in between to figure out it was causing it forsure. i even used it twice to make sure but i've used enuogh products to have a genaral idea of what was casuing t
  10. i weight gained (worked-out and ate ALOT) for 2 months and gained 20 pounds and every pore on my face was clogged. wth probly the help of shitty comedogenic cleansers but still. it was sick.
  11. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...Y-PLST-0-SEARCH I wanna try it /c it doesn't have any ingredients that the other cleanses I've used that irritated my skin in it. I tried the whole "just use water" way and it didn't clean my face for sh**. lemme know what you think, thanks.
  12. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...Y-PLST-0-SEARCH I'm just looking for a good cleanser that wont jack my skin up.
  13. moisturizers are the devil...yea i'm lookin for a good one too lol cetaphil blows.