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  1. Hey no hope, I read your comment too fast, sorry man. and I had mostly rolling scars rolling scars. You are right it does not work on Ice picks. It will work on some boxcars if they are more rolling like. I made a video about this topic which is down below [Edited link out]
  2. whats up tothemoonandback like I said I decided not to have subcision done because I was not impressed by the before and afters of his paitents during my consultation. Robertito seems really invested in subscision so it could be the case that I do not know what I am talking about and subcision is actually really good. for me silicone did the job and was perfect.
  3. Hi to the moon and back. -I had a full consultation with Dr. Yang. I tell you my experience I was very impressed with the before and after I saw online. So I booked an appointment. When I arrived I kind of expected a bigger lobby so maybe I was turned off in a way physiologically. He is a great knowledgeable doctor although he might come across as a bit unenthusiastic and will be blunt about which scars look bad. The procedure was like a few hundred dollars for a quarter size area if I reme
  4. Robertitoo!! hows life man? I really liked your article it is very informative. It looks like subscision suction is legit. I have once went to george yang in NYC for a consultation and I was ready to go for it. What stopped me is that the before and afters he showed me were not as impressive as the before and afters on his website. regardless he is an awsome human being. I really hope it works for you it seems like you did your homework and researched subscion suction really well. Please
  5. I feel you. It takes a lot to put your vulnerability out there. I could remember when I did not have acne when I was 14-15 ish and life was just right people liked me I was popular. Whenever People complemented me I had a stupid smile on my face all the time. I know it sounds superficial but I loved it more than anything. College was a nightmare for me I cannot even explain. I felt that there were the kids with beautiful skin and awesome lives who were loved by everyone and then there were Loner
  6. Hi everyone, A lot of you guys might recognize me from my pervious youtube channel. I am back with good news just under 3 weeks ago I had my second treatment of silicone microdroplet injections. [Redacted] Everything I have tried does not even come close to silicone injections. I had them done in NYC with Dr. Jay Barnett. who is a boss at this he has been doing silicone for acne scaring for decades. The only issue I had is that I had to be a little demanding on having most of my scars
  7. I am soo sorry Roberto for not being able to answer your questions. I am updating the site and I will be publishing the new content with the saline injections very soon 24-48 hours. Roberto I like your questions if there is any info that you believe I am lacking in my new site or videos please by all means please give me some pointers.
  8. Supplements as in pills? I never thought about that. Are people getting good results?
  9. well they were absolutely TERRIBLE after when I was on accutane and just after ( I will post pictures once I find them). I mean it was so bad that The red marks looked like acne and I never met a girl my first year of college that was genuinely interested in me. NO NO NO chemical peels do not do anything because the redmarks are present because of the blood veins and capillaries are dilated and no exfoliation as far as I know will reduce dilated capillaries but it will help with post inflamm
  10. When it comes to redmarks you have to wait them out. It has been 2 and a half years since I had crazy acne and now my remarks are still there but they diminished 70-80% Trust me I tried EVERYTHING for red marks except for IPL lasers. I even burned my face off 3 times with 25% tca peels and they were sitll there. Time is the only cure for redmarks and mabey IPL. Understand there is a potential for these icepicks that you can not see unless you are an inch away from the mirror to look wo
  11. You have really minor icepick scars I heard of TCA CROSS by a dr. sam lam and It seems to do best for narrow icepicks which I do see a few of. I am planing to try that out soon. But seriously dude your a good looking guy stop looking under a magnifying glass It took me time to find the scars you were talking about.
  12. Dude your lucky I do not see any visible scars.
  13. Thanks Robertitoo, This is the result of the first treatment sorry guys for taking so long I fought I lost the image on my phone. The results of the second treatment is coming soon but at the moment there is a little swelling so It would be cheating if I posted it now Before first treatment 3 weeks after
  14. I have used retin a for 9 months but I will be completely honest, 90% of why I got it is because of its anti aging purposes because I smoked heavily for 3 years and after hearing smoking ages the face I got a little paranoid and I started to realize people would estimate me being 2-3 years older than I am. So pick up retin a and the funny part is that I smoked and used retin a at the same time. currently I am almost at the end of my smoking career (Thats what we all say). Regardless The effe