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  1. Ok so my mom and dad are split up and My mom doesnt live too far away so I decide im going to go and visit her and stay the night at her house for a little bit. So Im with a few friends and we decide to smoke some of the weed that we have.. 'Yes i know its bad and I dont want to hear, "You shouldnt be doing that in the first place." Because I know that it is bad. Well we spend the night in the garage and end up all just falling asleep. My friend leaves his bong out and my mom wakes up in the mor
  2. I actually tried that but its in the worst spot possible and my whole nose is bright ass red... Ive been getting blood to come out but still no signs of swelling going down or redness.. Ive been icing it for 2 days almost now and no change...?? any body? please? seriously my house just got robed and now this huge zit inside my nose that is ruining everything.. man..
  3. im going to try and use warm water and salt and put it in there the thing is that i cant really reach it i mean its been bleeding a little and ive been gettin all the blood out but its my made nose swell up all red and everything this sucks... what will work....! PLEASE SOMEONE!!
  4. please is there anything that the dermatologist will inject into it and make it go away?? Also how long does it take..
  5. Alrite so i just wanna get to the point theres a huge zit inside my nose that is swellin my nose up outside..Ive tried sort of squeezing it and just blood... my nose is so red and I haveschool tommorow HELP INEEDHELP Can a dermatologist inject it with something?
  6. Well I overheard some of my friends debating on wether ecstacy effects acne or not and was thinking about your thought on the subject...
  7. Sorry to say it but your being real ungrateful you completed a whole course of accutane and now are clear... live your life...
  8. 3 WHOLE PAGES and teh same thing mentioned over and over :[
  9. thanks for the response summer is 3 months i believe so id have 2 start 2 months before school ends wat sucks is taht would probally be when the IB comes right?
  10. I was wondering how long of a course I should take I have mild to moderate acne and weight around 140-150 pounds. I want to take it this summer so I can be somewhat clear when school starts next year.. any suggestions!
  11. sounds badass to me but if your a guy a rose sounds kinda... i dont know... but hell of a good idea I was really thinking of one of those not too long ago!
  12. you had 2 sodas and now your face is a mess... its all in your head the breakout coulda came from anything you did.. maybe even things you dont know you did... overreacting much!
  13. Ok, So I have very oily skin but the lotion im currently using isnt really doing the job this whole month I have to swim everday in a super chlorine pool.. and after chlorine I usually get reallly reallllly dry! If any could suggest a good moisterizre that I can get maybe at CVS pharamcy or Ralphs Please respond!! Also something non greasy, oil free, frangrance free..... and maybe an SPF I have sensitive skin! Thank you!
  14. ^ sorry btw I have very senisitve skin !!
  15. Ok so I bought some Unfiltered organic acv and it says 5% acidic or whatever and I mixed it with half water in a water bottle now I just use a cotton ball to apply after the shower?