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  1. Why are so many people on this board have the initial outbreak? I asked my doc if there's a possibilty I would get one, he said highely unlikely, maybe because I have moderate acne. I read about tane and it says only 1 out 5 get it which means only 20%, that is not many people! So that's like only a 100 out 500 people, or 200 out of 1000 etc., that's little.
  2. For real, 80mg for mild acne?????? Isn't that a little extreme?? I think 20mg would be enough! I have moderate acne was once almost severe when I was younger, guess I got older it cooled down some..., and am gonna be at 40mg when I'll start treatment after I get my blood tests done. Oh and am male, 20 yrs., 166 lbs. and 6'1. Is that all good? And my doc also said that I'll proly need only 3 months of treatment, but of course we'll see. I heard my derm has given it to 100s of patients over the ye
  3. For example, if a doc starts you at 40mg per day, will he/she increase the dose over the months, can it remain the same etc. and is the treatment at LEAST 3 months?