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  1. How do you know which doctor performed the surgery?
  2. Whether you believe Jesus was the son of god or not, Historians agree that a prophet named Jesus did exist and is therefore not a fictional character. Not preaching, just the facts.
  3. I have never had a procedure that didn't result in some type of complication. However, the overall result was better even if I did end up with a few new scars. No surgery is without risks, one should weigh the risks with the over all goal and desire to change. I took a risk to have dermabrasion in may and for many months I thought I had made a huge mistake. But, now after time I am quite happy with my results and will have another in january. I did end up with a few more ice pick scars and
  4. Doctors frustrate me. Why does Dr. Y have to be the only one that understands what it is like to come from out of town for a procedure? When I called in to schedule my punch floats with Dr Y, they told me the price and told me during the appointment he would determine whether he could do them or not. But, now Dr. Y's office is gone and it could be months with the back log of patients before I could get into see him again. I called Dr. Harmon's office, but they want me to drive 4 hours for a
  5. I have traveled to dallas several times for procedures. I will go anywhere within reason. I appreciate the information. Unfortunatley, many doctors here don't really work with acne scarring or they don't do punch floats which is what I am looking for. Thanks Jen
  6. Well several people have said that he performs punch floats, but when I called his office, they said immediately that he does not perform them. So now what? ANyone, anywhere, know how to do punch elevation? I mean it is listed on a bunch of different informational sites. Dr. Y can't be the only one who knows how to do this can he? Help!!! I don't want to wait another a year for Dr. Y(god be with them) and I want to be done by next year and feel I am almost there. I am finally happy with
  7. Thanks for the information. And having your life and family is what is most important, but it easy for me to say that. I haven't lost everything. ANyone know of anybody else?
  8. Does anyone know of any good plastic surgeons in the southern part of the United states...anywhere from Texas to the coast that perform punch floats? I am from Tennessee and want to be able to drive. I had a an appointment with Dr. Y, but the situation down in NO doesnt look promising for now. I feel so awful for all the people hit by Katrina. It will totally and permanently change many people's lives. I was thinking about how my entire social circle would change if a natural disaster of th
  9. Anyone....it is scabbing all over now... hasnt been this bad in over 8 years.....
  10. Someone help.... I am having what I call blister pimples come up all over my face. They are tiny and millions of them and they burn and itch at times. My whole face hurts and it never has done this before. I am almost 3 months post op from dermabrasion. I thought maybe they could be millia but they dont really look like them. Millia to me look like tiny underground white heads. Mine look line tiny red blisters and they and they take forever to go down and then they seem to come right back.
  11. Hi, I read that you have had punch grafts and punch floats...which did you like better? Which do you think work better for ice pick scars? I had excision on some ice picks but it didnt work very well and the one graft I had died living a bigger scar, so I am just trying to decide what to do if I decide to have another dermabrasion. Thanks for any help you can give Jen
  12. Just a note.....it never says in the bible that suicide is the unforgivable sin. It only states that blasphemy against the holy spirit is. Some doctrines have interpreted this to mean suicide, but it is an interpretation, not law and knowlege of god's thoughts. Same basic rule with wine....Catholics say Jesus drank wine....Baptists say the wine wasnt fermented.....all interpretation.