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  1. I don't know - I happen to live in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood and a lot of Puerto Rican people use aloe for skin, hair, ulcers, etc. But you can probably scout it out. Or ask them to stock it for you, or try a health food with produce and ask them. Or you could buy a large plant - those can be found online. These stalks are over a foot long - not the little ones (which I have several of). If your experience is anything like mine, you might decide it's worthwhile. I can honestly
  2. In response to your question as to how long the scars take to fade: "About the scars, how long did it take you to notice your scars beginning to fade? Was this over a course of weeks, months?"
  3. Here, all. I saw replies to my topic (I wanted to share this great, cheap, natual healthy treatment with you all since suffering acne really stinks) This is an article to explain a bit more about aloe - I use it fresh - yes, you can buy a plant but they should be big and mature - 3 years minimum - you can google this doctor to read his observations for yourself - here is a really informative article he wrote - all I can say is, it really works for me and nothing else did - I tried every prescr
  4. After over 15 years of battling acne - dermatologists, all sorts of expensive creams, and all sorts of natural cures (none of which really helped) I finally found a serious solution and now that I've seen it works I wanted to share it with you guys. I buy fresh aloe stalks from my grocery store - they're dirt cheap - I pay less than $2. for a long arm - about a foot and a half long. This lasts a few days for two people since my brother uses it too. I cut off a piece a few inches long and cut of