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  1. Seriously??? I should not have to constantly worry about this. I can't help but point out how arrogant this sounds. I should not have to constantly worry about this? Mind you, without Dan, the product wouldn't be available in the first place. Obviously Dan can't satisfy "everyone", he has to go with the majority. Arrogant? Yes... But only if you [conveniently] leave out all that I wrote directly above that one sentence (which is exactly what you did). Place that into the cont
  2. Please do not call anyone with valid concerns (whether only valid to them or not), silly. It is highly inconsiderate and unnecessary. To those who love the tubes and are having problems with the bottles (I was one of them - yes, was) please read the following thread. I am now back to dispersing the perfect amount thanks to those on this board. And I can certainly sympathize with travel and overnight stays with the bottle. I went on vacation recently, and before that was staying far from
  3. Fantastic! This is exactly what I need! Thank you both for posting this.
  4. As I have said a few times prior to this thread... It does matter [to me]. The pump does not distribute the BP as evenly in my brief experience of having to use it. My "beef" (for great lack of a better word) is that Dan changes things quickly and without much warning. Had he stated that in 6 months there would be no more tubes sold, guess what? I would have stocked up on tubes. But I am now beating a dead horse.
  5. Seriously??? Stuff like this concerns me greatly. I mean we are dealing with very sensitive skin here. Sure the tubes vs. bottles do not affect the majorities' skin, but it does affect mine (as described above). Since starting The Regimen (2002-2003 I believe), there have been a few ingredient changes (which reacted to my skin terribly)... now this [permanent?] change? Why when the polling is overwhelmingly in favor of tubes? I appreciate what Dan has done for us all but I STAY worried eve
  6. Yeah... not digging the bottles at all. I truly am baffled as to the reason why the 4 oz tubes were completely discontinued. Unlike others, my success of the Regimen depends upon the exact amount used (yes, my skin is that sensitive), and the pumps dispense too much and in uneven disbursements. *Sigh* Bring back the 4 oz tubes and I have no complaints. Leave it up to the buyer to decide.
  7. I have echoed this sentiment as well. I am uncertain as to why it is not yet in stores and I would love to read anything Dan might have to say about the process (I am sure that it can be fascinating). The product works, is well packaged, has a UPC barcode, etc. Without being in the industry of getting [this type of] product into stores, I simply cannot figure out what it could be that is contributing to the holdup.
  8. Hate to say it but... you are most likely going to experience severe peeling, dryness (and possibly burning) soon. I can recall the countless times that my dermatologist would put me on a new topical. At first my skin would seem so clear... then the tightness and burning you experienced would inevitably happen. Then my skin would always take on a burn effect (where the product/prescription was literally burning my skin from a visible standpoint) and I would subsequently experience very bad peel
  9. No BP AGAIN Waiting to hear from you Kory (I sent an email yesterday).
  10. No BP today either. (You see this... is why it needs to be in stores)
  11. My dermatologist informed me many years ago to refrain from washing my face three times per day. The reason being, your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the drying it does to your skin (believe it or not). Initially I was skeptical about what she had told me (imagine that - thinking that I knew better than someone who is a professional in the field), however, I found that as I cut down to just two washes per day (morning and night)... the oiliness that I was experiencing, which cau