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  1. hi, went on tane about 9 mounths ago for 6 mounths, 40mg 2mounths,60 2 mounths and 80 for 2 mounths...... ive broke out up till now but less and less on my face, on my face now i have only had a medium sized spot once, and now regulary get small pimples (alot betta than b4 tane) but my back has jus stayed the same the whole time, cycsts etc... ive been offerd a second go on tane for my back.... i dont no wot to du tho cos i dort wna go on tane and fuk my face up again wiv the ib, but on the
  2. Hi this is my story, woz on this site every day 6 mounths ago, went on tane and 6 mounths lata my fave woz 80% clear wich i were happy wiv compared to usual. but my cycstic back acne shown no sign of getting betta (strange) so my derm put me on fluxicillin 2 100mg a day for 2 weeks.....i no have smalll pimples all dwn the side of ma face that wasnt ther b4..... i went back tday and my derm sed he wnts me to try a 2nd go on tane, but i dont wnt an ib, my derm recons i wont have 1 but i did last
  3. broke out throughout my course and still are.......3 zits on back this morning
  4. fragile.trust me, i had an itch while at work on my forehead and it left a mark 4 a week
  5. u shud mosturize......just get an oil free 1
  6. ok so friday staurday and sunday i wanted to kill myself about my skin, then woke up on monday it was ace, tuesday better, wednesday thursday betta and betta.... but also my face is doing really well but i have like 3 cysts on my back and say 4-5 large whiteheads on my back, wots that about people.... by the way i moved up to 80mg 2 weeks ago today...
  7. sorry i must be mistaken, are we in english class now...
  8. so how do i wrok out wot my cumulative dose is so far?
  9. really pissed off now people 4 mount into accutane aand just woke with 2 cyctic pimples on my neck and back 1 new pimple on ma face....the fing is i dont get big 1s really on ma face, but ma back has neva looked worse....wot am a gonna do???? m1=40mg m2=40 m3=60 m4=60 m8day4=80 mg weight=80kg
  10. posh did your acne stay the whole time u was on tane because i am currently starting mounth 5 and my acne is still present just not as bad...wots your story m8
  11. ok guys and gals i have 1 and a half week left of my 4 mouth corse and i have lodes of red marks and new big beasty whiteheads, will it work?