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  1. It's nice to hear of some "older" Accutane users. I am 41 and have been on Accutane 4 times before this at full dose. Obviously, Accutane did not put me in full remission. My entire family has battled acne, so genetics are against me! My derm has started me on ultra low dose (40 mg twice a week) with the idea of being on a long term maintenance dose of once or twice a month. I started two weeks ago. At that time I stopped my antibiotic. Because of long term antibiotic use I broke out i
  2. Solodyn was my miracle drug for about a year. Got me through my wedding with flawless skin. Alas, just like all antibiotics it stopped working. Now back to taking the Accutane route. It is pretty amazing though.
  3. I started an ultra low dose of accutane one week ago (40mg twice a week for 5 mos. then a semi-permanent maintenance dose of twice a month). I was also prescribed Prednisone to combat the IB for 6 days. I am 41 and this is my fifth time on accutane. Realizing I was never "cured" the last 4 times, my derm thought low dose/maintenance dose was the best route. Believe me I have tried EVERYTHING else over the years. I am breaking out like crazy and very different than my usual 2-3 dime siz