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  1. small clear bumps like a rash? you could be allergic. it happened to me. just stop using it, but ask your dr first of course
  2. i am NOT a doctor. but i was told by a nurse that zinc can be taken with just about anything.
  3. When you're using those creams what is your skin like? Are you flakey and still breaking out? If so, your skin is dehydrated... Not your body, your top of layer of skin on your face. If skin is just drying out from those products they are not for you. If oil can't come up and out it will clog, and dehydrated skin makes it way worse. What products are you using daily/nightly? Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc? I can help you out more once I know what you're doing for your skin day and n
  4. I'd say it's moderate acne. Have you ever had chemical peels and/or microdermabrasions? I think the two treatments done over a series will make a huge difference. PCA Chemical Peels with Resorcinol, 1 peel every 4-6 weeks for about 3-4 peels. do not do peels in the summer, the sun messes with the chemicals. You will peel, like a sunburn, for about 5 days. It will look like super dry skin. You might feel a little bumpy while peeling, but I assure you it's not a breakout. It's your skin she
  5. Excelcious, I'm not sure where you live but if you can find someone that will do a chemical peel from PCA with resorcinol in it that will help get rid of acne pigmentation super fast! I'm talking 1-3 peels. xo Meg
  6. I will tell you what I've told most people with acne. Take zinc tablets!! Use witch hazel on a cotton ball every single day 1-3 times a day. And use the Clear Cell Acne Lotion by Image Skin Care xo Meg
  7. I'm not sure of exact ingredients in moisturizers without the glycols. I believe there is one from Aveeno without glycols but i'm not 100% sure.. However, using a serum WITH a moisturizer is always a good idea. I wouldn't use a serum alone, unless it was a creamy serum and you've got an oily skin. But at night, it's always best to serum and moisturize! xo Meg
  8. The fraxel non-ablative laser skincare treatment will smooth these out. Hopefully it will be covered under your dermatologist, otherwise it can be pricey.
  9. I just tried to look it up myself. I don't have the actual cleanser on hand, I leave everything at spa. You could ask a question on their facebook? Otherwise, you could call them up. 1.800.796.SKIN xo Meg
  10. You're beautiful!! I specialize in acne/acne scar removal. I would love to talk about how to get rid of your acne in a healthy and realistic way. No 10 step regimen and I am not the esthetician that will ever say you need to break out before getting a result. This is an easy fix, trust me! xo Meg
  11. How long have you had acne problems? What do you already do for your skin? use witch hazel every day and every night on a cotton ball. It's also used for burns so it will help you a lot. Also, can you take zinc? It's found in the vitamin section in drug stores. Used to heal your skin from the inside out. Many of my clients use this and the ones, especially with cystic acne, have said it cleared them up. Good luck! xo Meg
  12. It seems like you need to exfoliate. Not just with a face scrub but with a product that sits on your skin all day and microscopically exfoliates. For example, the clear cell acne lotion from image skin care or the ormedic antioxidant serum from image skin care. Both of these products stay on your skin all day/night and will turn over skin cells faster to prevent clogging. give it a try! xo Meg
  13. I'm not sure if I just posted or not, there was a glitch.. ANYWAY why do you only want to decide from these moisturizers? Do you have an allergy that these products do not have? Just curious Tell me more about your skin and what you want out of your moisturizer and I can better help you xo Meg
  14. Image Skin care!! Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser It's Organic and amazing xo Meg