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  1. 7 Month Treatment for Roaccutance. :) Before and After Pictures
  2. From the album: My Roaccutane Journey

    Week I started my Roaccutance Treatment
  3. From the album: My Roaccutane Journey

    After 7 months of treatment
  4. Please let us know what your Derm says. I have been on Roaccutance for 6 months now and never heard/seen anything regarding becoming infertile so this has defos caught my attention!
  5. Thanks guys! Been able to get an emergency appointment today, so will see what he recommends. Luckily I have Zinc at home which my partner takes, so looks as though I will be nabbing that
  6. Hello I need help, my GP is shut, A&E won't be able to help! For the past 6 months I have been on Roaccutane @ 30MG, 2 month ago I was put up to 40MG. Since then I've developed a nasty burning prickly rash on my upper legs, upper arms, and lower back. Last night was extremely hard which resulted in me being sick and having many cold baths. I have no steroid/hydrocortisone cream, only have Aveeno Moisturising Cream which just inflames the rash! Any tips or handy hints as I will literally