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  1. superstarfire

    My Roaccutane Journey

    7 Month Treatment for Roaccutance. :) Before and After Pictures
  2. superstarfire

    Infertility On Accutane?

    Please let us know what your Derm says. I have been on Roaccutance for 6 months now and never heard/seen anything regarding becoming infertile so this has defos caught my attention!
  3. superstarfire


    Thanks guys! Been able to get an emergency appointment today, so will see what he recommends. Luckily I have Zinc at home which my partner takes, so looks as though I will be nabbing that
  4. superstarfire


    Hello I need help, my GP is shut, A&E won't be able to help! For the past 6 months I have been on Roaccutane @ 30MG, 2 month ago I was put up to 40MG. Since then I've developed a nasty burning prickly rash on my upper legs, upper arms, and lower back. Last night was extremely hard which resulted in me being sick and having many cold baths. I have no steroid/hydrocortisone cream, only have Aveeno Moisturising Cream which just inflames the rash! Any tips or handy hints as I will literally