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  1. Skin Changes: Visibly reduced breakouts dry lips a couple new breakouts after several weeks of little to none Products used: absorica 30 mg twice a day ponds dry skin cream cetaphil dry skin moisturizer clean and clear exfoliating cleanser cerave hydrating cleanser overall thoughts: i am very pleased with my results thus far! i look back to old videos/photos of my skin when i first started and am amazed to see how far my skin has come. i still have scarring but they have faded
  2. I'm so glad! I used these products at the beginning of my treatment and now (2.5 months later) I am using these products, if you'd like to check them out: clean and clear deep clean exfoliating cleanser, cerave hydrating cleanser, ponds dry skin cream, Cetaphil moisturizer for dry sensitive skin, epiduo. Thank you, same to you!!
  3. Skin changes - visibly reduced breakouts!! - dry lips Products used -absorica 30 mg twice a day - cerave hydrating cleanser -ponds dry skin cream So I'm well over a month in and my dose has been increased to 30 mg twice a day rather than 20 mg twice a day. i am very happy with the results! my scars are reducing and i have few breakouts. my acne is not completely gone yet, but overtime it will only get better. i have reduced my skincare products to just the ones mentioned above and i s
  4. sorry for the delayed response but this is the one I use and I think it's great. a hydrating cleanser will state that it is hydrating and/or moisturizing! http://www.cerave.com/our-products/cleansers/hydrating-cleanser
  5. I had oily skin prior to using accutane and I didn't wear a moisturizer! If you feel that your skin doesn't need it, don't use it. But I would recommend using a lightweight moisturizer at night. Also water alone will not cleanse the skin, so you do need a cleanser! Maybe a hydrating cleanser if you're not going to follow up with moisturizer.
  6. Hi, I have dry sensitive skin too! Some products that I like are the cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry, sensitive skin. It is very thick. I also like the Pond's dry skin cream! For cleansers I like the cerave hydrating cleanser. It really does hydrate my skin and helps with flakiness too. I wouldn't recommend exfoliating the skin if it is very sensitive. Perhaps go a day or two without makeup and see if your skin is less irritated because maybe certain makeup products are causing the irritati
  7. My skin was very oily before starting accutane and now it is oily, sensitive, and dry. Here's what I like and don't like Products I like: Cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry sensitive skin- great to put on dry patches. Very thick Cetaphil lotion for dry sensitive- put on underneath moisturizing cream all over face. Lightweight but can be greasy sometimes Cetaphil oily skin cleanser- use at night. Removes makeup, cleanses skin. Smells nice. Can be a little tightening though Aveeno daily mo
  8. Side effects: Dry cheeks Dry eyelids Dry lips Mid/lower back pain Skin changes: Previous breakouts are healing New breakouts. Will not go away for about 2 weeks Overall thoughts: my skin is still improving. Right now I have two active breakouts and the other ones are continuing to heal. My 2 active ones are strange though..they're not normal whiteheads or cysts. They look like big sores. They're dry, rough, and difficult to conceal. My back has also been hurting. Not too bad though b
  9. Day 8 week 2 Side effects: Dry face and hands Tight feeling Sensitive back Skin changes: More breakouts on both cheeks and jawline Previous breakouts are healing Products used: Aquafor lip repair Eucerin hand cream Absorica 20 mg Cetaphil cream Cetaphil cleanser Overall thoughts: My mom said that my skin looked better! I personally haven't noticed anything but maybe that's because I'm looking at it so much haha. I have gotten two cysts on each cheek. Very painful. Also two
  10. In between the eyes for sure!!! It's the most noticeable.
  11. Happy New Year everyone!! Let's defeat acne together this year As an acne sufferer for about 3 years now, I have FINALLY learned not to let my skin bring me down. Long time, I know! From personal experience, I have noticed that whenever I was insecure about my skin, I would look worried and shy. That drew attention to my acne and people would stare. It made me feel terrible. I thought, "why are people looking? so rude!" But then I realized that I was bringing this attention to myse
  12. Day 6 Week 1 Side effects: sensitive skin Skin changes:a few more breakouts weird cuts on lips?? Products used: [*]absorica 20 mg (take twice a day) [*]cetaphil oily skin cleanser [*]neutrogena deep clean makeup remover [*]cetaphil moisturizing cream [*]cerave moisturizer [*]epiduo (use as spot treatment, apply generously and often- works pretty well) Overall thoughts: Lately my skin has felt pretty sensitive. After I wash my face or apply moisturizer, the areas wher
  13. Day 3 Week 1 Side effects: dryness around breakouts Skin changes:pimples drying reduced inflammation 2 new breakouts Products used: [*]absorica 20 mg (take twice a day) [*]cetaphil oily skin cleanser [*]cetaphil moisturizing cream Overall thoughts: Since starting accutane, I have had 2 breakouts but nothing too serious. my face is starting to feel very sensitive which it never does. My skin is still oily but my existing pimples on my cheeks and chin are drying up. I haven
  14. sadie214


    I have been on accutane for 3 days now but first I wanted to make an introduction about my acne. here we go! I am a 17 year old female and have been struggling with face and back acne for 3 years. I have very oily skin. My acne began when I was 14 years old. It wasn't too unbearable at first. I had a few pimples on my forehead and around my nose. Never anywhere else on my face. But after a couple months my skin grew worse and became very oily. Products from the drugstore were not helping