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  1. Accutane causes a staph bacteria overgrowth in your nostrils. Use q tips dipped in hibiclens and apply to nostrils once a day for 1 week. Leave it to dry for 10minutes then rinse. Also wash your face with hibiclens. It will kill staph bacteria
  2. Posts like these are the reason why people keep dealing with this problem. You literally didn't even read the treatment I used which worked for many of us 2 years ago and are back to level 1 with all the talk about glycemic index food, diet and all that stuff, which is where we started 4 years ago. I like your vitreoscilla bacteria comment but first let's get to a point where people can get rid of pustules using the method I mentioned in my last comment and then you can focus on the rest.
  3. This is my comment from 2 years ago. This is what cured me. I had it from 2007 to 2018. Remember. Leave chlorhexidine (hibiclens) in your nose for 5 to 7 minutes. Then flush it out with water. Same with povidone iodine. For BP, I started off with benzagel 2.5% only on mouth and problem areas and would leave it on all day (never applied on cheeks as they're really sensitive to BP and can burn). Now I use acne.orgs BP2.5% and moisturize after 10minutes. However, when I first started, I
  4. Are you guys stupid? Are you not able to go through post history and see that so many of us solved this problem by applying chlorhexidine solution in nose for 1 week and then benzoyl peroxide on pustules as maintenance. Please go through post history and read the comments from 2 to 3 years ago. I resolved my chin pustules this way. For your scalp, get clean and clears benzoyl peroxide wash and use that instead. Wet your hair before shower and leave it on for 5min. Then wash it off.
  5. @TaralliMonster What's your diet like? I know milk or dairy will give me a lot of pustules even ìf i were to consume them today.
  6. @TaralliMonster That's a little strange that you continue to see pustules without staph presence and even after using so many anti bacterials including antibiotics. In my case the pustules would clear up in 3 days of antibiotic use. There is a possibility that your pustules maybe fungal related and not bacterial and hence you arent seeing any results. Try using an antifungal ointment for a few days to see if that helps or an anti dandruff shampoo like head and shoulders or selsen blue.
  7. @TaralliMonster I am hoping you also applied hibiclens and iodine to your entire face and not just insides of your nostrils? Anyway, now that you're on antibiotics, if your pustules are truly bacterial related, they'll go away. However, once you stop taking antibiotics, they will come back for sure. In that case, don't lose hope. Try decolonization again with Hibiclens (apply on face and inside of nostirls). If that doesn't work, try the same with povidone iodine. In both cases, make sure yo
  8. @jcbdigger365 where did you get azelaic acid from? bp works for me but i wanna see how azelaic acid does. Amazon does not have a lot of options. which brand did you get?
  9. @Dsophobe this looks like a gel. if its a gel- face has to be dry for application. start off by apply small amounts, I'd say pea size amount for chin mouth and nose area. leave it to dry for 30min then apply moisturizer over it if your skin feels dry. if its a cleanser or wash, like a thick lotion then apply it on wet scalp amd face and leave for 2 minutes then wash it off. I'm sure your serum has more than sulfur in it which makes it so effective. maybe he mixes benzoyl peroxide with sulf
  10. @jcbdigger365 if you scroll further up youll find the entire routine with hibiclens and povidone iodine. those are essential too.
  11. De la cruz is good. I have been using it for 5 years now but would still get these pustules every single day. the only thing that truly made a difference was hibiclens and Iodine in nostrils and then BP wash and then bp lotion as mentioned above. Try it guys, it might change your life. @Dsophobe i had multiple pustules on scalp that werent going away for months. The BP wash got rid of it. Use it as shampoo everyday for 5min and itll clear your scalp and back neck. @deades just order
  12. @FungalAcne I use Benzagels 2.5% BP as spot treatment. Order from Amazon. Also use Clean and clears BP face wash 5% on problem areas once everyday during shower. The application of BP has to be followed long term to prevent regrowth of bacteria. Hibiclens and Iodine are only used for first 10days to eliminate the crazy growth of any species on your skin. Then BP is used to maintain low bacterial count.
  13. Guys, I really think you should try what has worked for me, @Canucklehead12 and @UnusualClub which is Benzoyl Peroxide. I know some of you have tried it in the past and it didn't work. However, the first step is to eliminate the source of this bacteria which are your nostrils. Gram negative and positive bacteria including staph grows in your nostrils. Simply clean them with hibiclens for 30 secs using a Q tip for 3 to 5 days. Also apply hibiclens to your face for 2min. Hibiclens is a micro
  14. I have been using de la cruz sulfur for 5 years. It's good but not the cure. But when i started using it with BP, it cleared me up. I basically wash face first, put on BP 2.5%, then sulfur and then vaseline ontop to lock it in. Wash face in the morning. My cleanser also contains 5% BP so all in all these 2 together should help. I still get pustules maybe 3 or 4 a week but not like crazy how it used to be before. Some weeks my mouth is completely clear. I also found 2 posts by 2 different guys
  15. To be honest at this point I won't mind flying down to Indonesia to get to the bottom of this shit I use a vasline like cream called Glysolid which contains Glycerin and Alltonin. Funny thing is if i apply it to my pustules on my body, they go away within a day. Before I found this cream, the pustules on my body would stay for 2 weeks. I use it for my face too after i apply BP 2.5 percent and it really keeps the skin hydrated and i feel like it repairs it quite s bit. Pretty sure its Alltoni