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    These days I am bartending and trying to be the most organized person in the world. I keep trying to be happy with my life. Trying different things. Healing old wounds. Everytime I heal one thing though - another fresh new wound opens. W/ever - enough emo shit. Ultimately I'd rather be a trust fund kid. ;P

    Umm, I don't know what else to say. You can just email me through here. I'm a very social girl so I love chatting and emailing besides hanging out and being with friends.

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  1. I just went ahead and stopped the mino with the blessings of my doc. The side effects I was experiencing were incredible. I don't know how I'm going to heal scars that refuse to heal but it's not happening with a feeling like my whole body is in a pressure chamber while I am totally disassociated from myself and smelling chlorine. I don't know wtf they manufacture these drugs with but my body was treating it like it was poison.
  2. How'd your laser treatments go? This is a nice rehash from a long time ago treatment.
  3. I'm mid 30s, female, 5' 8", 120lbs, USA, I have diagnosed IBS-C (had a bunch of oscopies) and am on Bentyl when I need it. I have a gluten intolerance (not celiac) that results in cystic acne/white scars. I have PTSD -C from 15-years of DV. I think a lot of my ailments are from this. I am going to a derma to deal with the cystic acne from my presumed GI/food allergy. I get cysts on my shoulders and face after eating gluten or meats treated with rgbh. I have cystic scars that constantly swe
  4. Oh man I went through the worst last year of acne guys!!! This time it was not the crap I am used too though. It wasn't the facial acne - I get that from time to time, but I know what causes that. This last round of cystic acne was something totally new. Body acne. And it was fierce!!! UUUGGHHHH!!!! Particularly on my upper arms and shoulders. Everything is so sad and scarred now. BUT at least it's coming under control. And I am young enough that my skin is still able to heal... kind of. Bl
  5. veiled


    poor you! you must have really sensitive skin. have you tried changing laundry detergents and body soaps to something for sensitive skin? that might help. also constant washing of sheets (like every 3 or 4 days) and not wearing the same clothes twice. you know tho - to be honest it doesn't look terrible in the pics. you look like you could be a handsome dude. =)
  6. i had cystic acne on my face for years. roughly from 23 - 27. food allergies is my cause, but i only figured that out with trial and error tactics found via this site. i tried spiro from 26 - 30. i am 30 now. it worked for me but i can't say that with 100% certainty because i figured out that i was actually having cystic reactions to the (monsanto) manufactured growth steroid, rBST at the same time i went on spiro . i had to get off spiro/birth control last year because it has a "low chance
  7. Hah shit yea - My mom is too and I ended up with her issues in different ways. I have allergic reactions to certain laundry detergents in the itchy rash form. Then I have allergic reactions to almost all soap based facial cleaners in the eczema form. Then I have allergic reactions to certain professional facial products in the cystic acne form. It's all about being aware of what your body is telling you. Just listen to your body and it will guide you to health and well being. As for exercise
  8. Well hormones in your body change as you get older and using over the counter or not counter drugs definitely affects that cycle. So I'd try to knock that off till, at least you get this thing figured out. Your eating habits are fine except for a few things. Watch your dairy products and your cow meat products. Dairy and cow meat, if you're not discerning contain higher than natural levels of testosterone. The cows are injected with a steroid - rBST. And if you think about it, the sports tea
  9. Hi Black - Can I ask a few questions? 1. What age are you? 2. What is your typical diet on a daily/weekly basis? Be meticulous in this like, do you eat McDonalds and then have ice cream afterwards? 3. Are you an active person? If so what sort of physical activities do you participate in? What I'm seeing here is your regime isn't working. And also what I am also seeing here is you're trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause of your acne. I myself being a deep cyst survivor can say that
  10. V's Regime WORKS! ------------------------ Well it's been at least 2 full years, if not a whole 3 and I've figured out my acne. I am clear .... until I want to be acne riddled, which is never, but if you tempt me with a juicy steak... WHY DOES IT WORK? -------------------------- I am usually clear unless I eat anything with rBST. If i eat rBST laced food, then I'm cyst face city. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_somatotropin In simpleman's terms - rBST is a testosterone growth steroid,
  11. Wow I doubt my answering this two-year's later even matters now. Geeze I must not have had this account sent to email me with replies. ACV in General::: .... burns/dries/defuses the cyst. But that's depending on the way you use it too. You might just be using it for an astringent rather than a direct cyst treatment. I don't see any benefit in using it as an astringent honestly though. ACV is not really great for your skin so if you're not applying it to your cysts to turn them into instant sc
  12. Still Clear!!!! My friend's friend tried to get me to buy a crap load of Arbonne off of her and I was like, why? My skins never looked this great! I don't do product. Learned my lesson. New favorite mask is goats milk. I bought powdered goats milk and use it when I have redness and irritation and it calms it right down. Happy with my skin is me. I conquered my adult acne!
  13. OK fellow Acne fighters ... I have been clear for 5 months! I've figured out the balance that keeps me clear and it's a combo of foods to look out for, product to not overuse, and what to do when I see something potentially developing. 1. I am weary of sugar and testosterone containing foods. I only eat organic sugar and organic meat. Why organic sugar? Because refined sugar goes through a chemical process that wreaks havoc on your bodies digestive system. Why organic meats? Because farm
  14. thanks for this informative post. i'm always trying to figure out what will clean up my complexion. i'd pay out the butt to have the complexion i had at 18.
  15. Just want to keep my log up to date. I'm getting good at keeping acne down lately. Especially with not picking because picking and not just picking but actually getting all up in the mirror to squeeze stuff that isn't even there, makes my skin angry. Duh! I have been FINE since like mid April. Then I ate pizza... a lot of it and got two nodules. I let them be. Actually icing them etc ... and they subsided... except for one that really got to me after the 2nd week of it half way going away bu