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  1. My derm recommended I go back on accutane but I have my reservations because I will be having knee surgery sometime in the next 4-6 months. Is it safe to have this surgery while on accutane or within 2 months of finishing accutane?
  2. I've taken it twice and now need a third round. My derm said this is rare and for the majority of people 1-2 courses does the trick. He has some patients who have taken accutane 4-5 times.
  3. How long do I have to be off accutane before I can have surgery? My Derm recommended I take accutane again but I am probably going to have surgery within the next 6 months. Is it a good idea to take the accutane now or should I hold off until after the surgery?
  4. What exactly happened to your pharmacy plan? Call your plan provider and see if you can just purchase the accutane now and have them re-imburse the cost of the accutane later. You could also see if you can get your pharmacy to let you use a credit card but not actually process the transaction until 2 weeks time. Then if your switching plans you will get the money back.
  5. So this is your third course on accutane? Is your acne cystic? Was your acne less severe after your first and second course?
  6. I've taken accutane twice. I got really drunk around 5 times during the first course and maybe 2-3 times the second course. I never noticed any side effects, my blood tests did not reveal any problems. I didn't drink every day or weekend and usually limited myself to a couple drinks, other then the times I got hammered. I wouldn't recommend it though because you are taking a chance with your health, I was young and in college so it was hard to get away from drinking.
  7. Takarea...I doubt the poster's a chick, PCOS only applies to women...ok maybe hermaphrodites are an exception?? Jagwarlord... I asked my derm this when I started getting body hair and he said that the body hair didn't have anything to do with acne, also some of what I thought was acne was actually folliculitis, and that can get more apparent when you have more body hair. So maybe you should show your skin to a dermatologist to get a correct diagnosis.
  8. Hey, I've started getting this crap again, my derm prescribed topical clindomycin phosphate 1%. He also advised me to wash with hibicleans antispetic wash. I've just started using this stuff and it seems to be working. If its just the one zit I would try using bp on it and put a bandage over it so the bp doesn't bleach your clothes. If it's already opened and drained a coritsone injection will not help. Oh yeah, and welcome to the club!
  9. I've been using it off and on for about a year now. I find that it works well for smaller zits but doesn't do much for cysts. My derm said for it to work best you need to use it everyday, so don't miss a day. Also you can use it during the day and at night, as long as your skin can tolerate it. I use a SA based cleanser before applying the gel.
  10. Why don't you get off the Propecia and just get a hair transplant? In the long run (like 20 years) the hair transplant will cost you less money.
  11. This isn't acne, it's called folliculitis. I have had this off and on for years and it gets particularily bad in the summer and when I bike a lot. Friction from tight clothing makes it worse. I've found that using an antibacterial cleanser like hibiclens or something with triclosan in it helps. Also some antibiotics help, but not always.
  12. I tried Dial recently and it didn't do anything for me. I'm trying something called Tersaseptic antibacterial cleanser and it seems to be helping. It has the same active ingredient that the Dial crap has but is formulated for acne prone skin.
  13. I'm on mino right now and it hasn't done much either way. Maybe it's a short term side effect of the wash?
  14. So Canadians how did you get this stuff. I can't find it at any drugstores. Someone mentioned that it was pulled from the shelves, but the Health Canada website has no mention of this and they list a few companies that manufacture it here in Canada. The product is still listed as OTC as well. Is ordering it online from the states the only option?
  15. I had a cortisone injection in my nose for a big muther of a cyst, it went away in 2 days. How big is it? I would get it injected before it becomes too big, I've had doctors refuse to inject cysts with cortisone because they were too big or nodular. In the mean time ice it and bombard it with BP, that just might do the trick!