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  1. Stabbing Westward - Desperate Now Once the page loads, click on the 2nd album on the left side of the music player entitled "Darkest Days" and listen to tracks 3 and 15. Depressing songs, but very cool!
  2. Yea, I went through a purging process before it got better, back when I was put on Differin and Doxy 3 years ago. It had looked like my skin was forming really red indented scars that I didn't have before, but they filled in over time. So, I think it's normal...
  3. Yea, that's how my skin looked during my Differin purging process 3 years ago. Boy, was that embarrassing... It looked like if I had red icepick scars(which I didn't have before,) but then a few weeks later, they filled in and the red marks faded. So yea, just stick to it. Too bad the Differin and Doxy combination stopped working for me after 2 years... I'm on the DKR regimen now.
  4. Wow, this is totally off topic, but I just wanted to point out to Kraven that I was just transferring "Stankonia" into my iPod, when I read his comment. lol What a coincidence...
  5. Yea, I hate when they do that. lol What also bothers me is when I'm walking around campus and I try making eye contact with people that are walking towards me, and they basically turn their heads somewhere else, since I guess they're afraid to stare at my skin imperfections or something... I'm not even sure.
  6. It is meant to stay on your face.
  7. Haven't you heard? They carry it around as necklace now. It's more accessible that way...
  8. Jesse 89


  9. The RIAA should be knocking at your house any moment now... If I were you, I would watch where you post that kind of information. There's probably some guy on this board who's with the RIAA, and has acne... lol jk Yea, I just listen to music when I'm feeling down, or I just watch a funny movie.
  10. HURT - Falls Apart I find this song to be pretty emotional. I guess it depends if you can relate to it, and some how interpret it with your life.
  11. I concur. Other than that, and the search function, I think the board update is great.
  12. And your palms will mysteriously grow some hair.
  13. In my opinion, I think Acne is WAY more embarrassing than braces.