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    Feelin' near as faded as my jeans...
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    San Diego
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    Ojala que te vaya bonito<br />ojala que se acaben tus penas<br />que te digan que yo ya no existo<br />que conozcas personas mas buenas<br />que te den lo que no pude darte<br />aunque yo te haya dado de todo<br />nunca mas volvere a molestarte<br />te adore, te perdi, ya ni modo<br /><br />Cuantas cosas quedaron prendidas<br />hasta dentro del fondo de mi alma<br />cuantas luces dejaste encendidas<br />yo no se como voy a apagarlas.<br /><br />Ojala que mi amor no te duela<br />y te olvides de mi para siempre<br />que se llenen de sangre tus venas<br />y te vista la vida de suerte<br />yo no se si tu ausencia me mate<br />aunque tengo mi pecho de acero<br />pero nadie me llame cobarde<br />sin saber hasta donde la quiero<br /><br />Cuantas cosas quedaron prendidas...

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  1. where the eff are you >_<

  2. nick! where have u been :((((

  3. where the fuck you been homeboy!

  4. wait until you can get into the lounge.. you'll be even more addicted
  5. are you a guy? if so, you can always buzz off a bad haircut. it grows out well from a buzz
  6. like me i swear before this i hadn't been here in a few days
  7. Another theory: all those people just couldn't take it any more and ended up committing suicide.
  8. I'm off accutane and i've found that when i don't do anything to my face it clears up a lot better than when i wash it. i dont even wash my face (except in the shower (but even then only with water)) and it's pretty much fully clear. when i wash it, it gets irritated or something. and i can safely say that diet doesn't affect my skin at all. it's not the same for everyone
  9. I'll admit I like Kanye better than 50. http://youtube.com/watch?v=123sw80Esmw
  10. It is a crime to impersonate an amazing man like Kanye. Please stop.
  11. Never say never.


  12. You'll never be Kanye...NEVER!!