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  1. If yasmin works like diane your acne will clear up. but you have to wait at least 3 or 4 months. I still have the opinion that birth control pills are not the definitive answer to acne. Anyway they do help, and they are the only real cure after accutane. The difference is that accutane can heal you forever after the treatment, while pills cure you just when you are on them
  2. I use clinique clarifying make up powder formula (they don't make this foundation in liquid form naylore) and I find it amazing. is very natural ancd it covers up real good. I use it with anti-bemish solutions concealing cream, which is very good but it has salicylic acid inside, so you can't using it while you're on dan's regimen. Anyway, my derm told me that the powder foundation is the best for skin problems, because it doesn't cloge pores.
  3. I've been on diane for seven years and it has worked for five years perfectly. For the last two years I had some brakouts, worst then I ever had before. My derm said that the pill have nothing to do with this breakouts because they are caused by stress. Anyway, diane doesn't work anymore. Now my other doc. put me on yasmine. I will keep you updated.
  4. I've been on diane for six years. It worked well for years but than, two years ago, I started braking up again, even if I am still using diane. I still don't konw why, my derm says is because of stress. Now i can't find any ather cure good as birth control pills. I hope you'll be more lucky than me and don't ever get acne again
  5. Hey everybody I am new here. English is not my mother language, so i hope you'll understand what I would like to say. I started to have some acne when I was very young (11years ca.), but always had just a few pimples on my face, I had a bad back acne. Anyway my doctor told me it was my hormones so he gave me control birth pills (diane). They worked so well, in about six months (you have to be patience I konw, but this is the average time they take to clear up acne) my skin was sooo clear a
  6. I heard that there are some pills that can hydrate your skin form the inside. Have you any idea about how they work and if they are good for the dryness caused by regimen??
  7. I think the point is that you can look good to someone even if the majority of the people think that you are ugly. I mean, someone can say that I am really good lookin and fancy me, while someone can say I'm just normal or even ugly..no matter how you look like.
  8. thanks for your replies! My derm gave me an exfoliant lotion to be used six nights a week and a retinoic acid lition to be used a night a week. He said that this cure is going to bring all my under the skin pimples out and then make them go away in two or three months. But he also told me that this is a long cure, better if done from october to may, because skin gets very sensitive and it is better not get the sun. I am a little afraid of starting this cure now, also because I don't like
  9. mmmhhh...so i guess i have to be patient!! :roll: Anyway, it's almos two weeks that I'm on the regimen (neutrogena bp cream and clinique cleasinig bar), and i still get some pimple. I was just wandering why but I guesso it's the f***in' under the skin acne coming out. Oh well, if this is necessary ok, but I hope that in two weeks they'll be almost gone....
  10. I wonder if regimen is all right for under the skin acne. I have a lot of pimples under my skin on my chin, just occasionally they come to the surface. My derm gave me a cure (retinoic acid lotion) that is going to make all the zits come out and then go away, but i get sick if I think of having a bad acne for months, and also i don't want to begin that cure during the summer. I will start with retinoic acid next october. I would like to know if bp is good also for this. After a month will
  11. Hi everybosy.. I need some help, please lol!! I went to the the derm last evening (a new one) and he told to use retinoic acid for something like 8 months. He said that for the first month my acne is gonig to get worst because the lotions will make all my under skin zits and cysts come to the surface, and than they will go away. I think I''m going to start this cure after the summer, becuse he told me that the best period is from october to may. Anyway, for now I'm gonig to fallow the regi
  12. a very good oil free and non comedogenic make up (like lancome or shisheido), will be fine even if you have combo skin. Ths same for moisturizers. They are light and give you the right idratation.
  13. just be patient and hold on with the regimen. I have very sensitive skin and on the first weeks of using bp my skin was soooo red and dry!! Now,after three months I can put a lot of bp and my skin is just a little bit dry, but totally fine if I put a good moisturizer. Is just a question of time. if you feel that your skin is too dry or red, then put a little less bp for a few days ,or don't put it at all. Then start again until your skin will get used to bp!
  14. Yeah, it's really interesting, and i think the most important thing is that it gives you informations about what ingredients are more comedogenic and unsafe for your skin. It also says that this foundations and creams are the best for acne surferers: FOUNDATIONS: -almay fresh look oil free -clinique pore minimizer -elizabeth arden oil free make up -flori roberts dermablend -lancome maqui controle -vivant fluid fondation MOISTURIZERS: -alboline lotion -shepard's cream -lubriderm lotion -minera