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  1. I only like rollercoasters in the amusement parks. really, though, I think we have all been there. I try to hold on to the good feelings I have as long as I have them. What works for me is excercising and getting out talking to positive people I have in my life. People that know how to laugh, because it is contagous. Bottom line, I like feeling good I hate feeling like shit and down. Good luck!!!!
  2. Congrats on getting married!! I am 25 and dealing with it. I learned to cope with it, it did take me awhile.
  3. I think this is pretty right on. I have/had moderate, I have it pretty much under control now. I have had a gf, with and without. Girls are different to guys in the visual dept. I know if I was a girl with mod acne, I would have a hard time because guys are shallow and unless we take the time to get to know a girl, we look and make the decision right then and there by how she looks. We suck.
  4. I guess if there is an upside, that would be it. Good optimistic attitude!!
  5. Or put a hot towel on your face, not too hot though.
  6. keep masterbating. it's fine. Agreed. Enjoy yourself!!
  7. In the summer time on my chest and back are the worst, because they are exposed more. In the winter of course my face.
  8. never on my stomache. I ahd achne on my knee cap!! I thought that was strange.