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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, I had the same thing too after my first fraxel, I have another one scheduled in two weeks, I hope the second wone will take care of them
  2. From all the research and commentarty that I have read, higher energies (dependent on skin type, and pain tolerance) and lower mtz (micro-thermal treatment zones) so lets say if you can tolerate 20mj @ 125 mtz's with 5-6 passes....that is what is most commonly used for acne scaring Brian
  3. I would have to disagree with you person23, the fractional-laser was originally designed to change the format of skin due to aging I.E. wrinkles, smile lines, so if your talking about the nasal fold I.E. smile lines you are incorrect, acne scars are just an added benefit to the fraxel laser *sry* Brian
  4. If that is that big of an issue take isopure, it tastes great, no vit-a, and dissolves clearly in water, I could never drink whey protein, but this isopure is awsome stuff it tastes like tang, or koolaid, no joke Brian
  5. I am assuming that you are saying that there is alot of gray area, and not just black and white, I guess it is what it is, but this has been very helpful, thank you Brian
  6. Anime girl, thank you so much for that link, it has dramatically changed my views on which kinda scars I have, mostly boxcar...but the pic of the boxcar scars did not come up, where can I find pictures? Brian
  7. I have googled until I was blue in the face, can someone show me what a boxcar scar looks like, pleaseeee Brian
  8. Awsome thread, thank you Brian
  9. You will have no issues at all, I guarantee it, I took a multi-vitamin during the whole course, and had no issues Brian
  10. Has anyone else noticed if on a form of accutane that your acne comes back almost like clockwork 6-7 months after the course is finished, I have been on two courses, the first was a six month course of 80mgs a day, and then again 80mgs a day for four months, while on tane not a single breakout, but 6 months later I am starting to get acne again, I am doing fraxel right now, so I cant go back on it, but it is so frustrating that it comes back, anyone else have this problem? Is a third course fees
  11. I itched like a mo-fo after day 4-5, and all the shit was flaking off, they told me however not to pick or scratch, just use moisturizer Brian
  12. Thank you all for the kind words, I really appreciate it, I see alot of people on here that are very attractive that think they need help with scarring, I know how those people feel.....although other people cant see them I know they are there, and just wanna do sumthin' bout em', again thank you guys very much for the support, it means A LOT to me, about GQ, never had the midset for that kinda stuff, however a local supply store here in Wisconsin offered me a $100 gift card for posing in their
  13. Drew I had taken b/4 n after from my first fraxel Brian
  14. nutregena (spelling?) sensetive skin, with non-spf....good stuff