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  1. I haven't tried them in the past, except for taking the birth control pills when I was on the accutane since it was obligatory whatever situation you were in. I was always bad at remembering to take them as well, so perhaps it is something I should consider looking into! I stopped taking them maybe a month after I came off the accutane, just so I wasn't stopping taking everything at once, and because I was always paranoid they would make acne worse. But you're right, I remember learning at some
  2. I haven't been on this site for a while, so sincere apologies if this is in the wrong place/poorly worded etc. I finished my accutane course mid-April this year after 6 months on 50mg dosage (1mg/kg). I wasn't thrilled with how my acne appeared when it ended, but a short time later I certainly was. I've been fairly content for the past couple of months, slowly accepting that the red marks would fade, that I was lucky not to have particularly severe scarring and that it just needed time to he
  3. Normally I do weekly updates of my isotretinoin course, however the improvement is suddenly so significant I felt it should be posted a couple of days early. I have no active acne. No open or infected scabs, no zits, no lumps under the skin, nothing! I still have a few healing scabs, and a worrying (to me, purely because I don't know how I can treat it) amount of scarring but my skin is effectively flat. This is strange to me, considering 5 days ago I was on the verge of giving up! I know
  4. So today is exactly 8 weeks since I took my first isotretinoin dose. I have had no noticeable improvement since my last blog entry a week ago, or indeed the start of my course, so it appears my improvement will not happen in an early month as it does for others, but nonetheless I will continue I had my 3rd dermatologist appointment yesterday. It was pretty simple- she asked about my side effects and to rate them as mild, moderate or severe. I tried to avoid the severe word as I didn't feel l
  5. In terms of moisturiser have you tried Diprobase? I swear by it
  6. Hi, For anyone checking back on this topic, I put honey (just normal honey because that's all I have at the moment, but I've heard manuka honey is excellent) on my face overnight last night which I found suggested on Google. What a transformation! It seemed to draw out a lot of the infection and soften the skin enough for the loose flakes to come off painlessly. During the day, I put some ice on a couple of times, and both of these have contributed to a real decrease in the swelling and the
  7. Hi bumdibum and PersnickityChick, thank you so much for your replies! bumdibum- Thank you, I shall give Jojoba oil a try. I have got dry skin and dry lips along with other side effects, so I think I am metabolising the medicine. It's an interesting suggestion though, so I will mention it to my dermatologist. I've been avoiding makeup as much as I can too. Also, I'm very pleased to hear that you've had such good results from your course! Don't worry, your reply was completely understandable, th
  8. It's more like festive parties and stuff so there'll be plenty of people I don't know. I can probably cover them fairly well, but it's the pain of removing the makeup after! But thank you, deep down I know it's probably not the best thing to do.
  9. I completely understand where you're coming from- having to layer on the makeup to go out for only a few minutes, not wanting to leave the house etc. But you have to think about how you react when you see someone with acne- I'm sure you don't judge them, or think anything negative! People will be the same as you, in fact if they don't suffer with it themselves they probably won't even notice, and if they do then they will know what you're going through I know it's so difficult to feel beautiful
  10. Today is my seventh week on roaccutane (isotretinoin). So far, I am not particularly optimistic, due to the fact my acne is 5x worse than when it started. However I will give the pills credit in the sense that my side effects haven't been too bad, and it appears that the acne that appears heals quicker than perhaps before. Only a little quicker, but noticeably so. I've had the whole dry lips, dry nose, dry skin shenanigans, but this is nothing that a bit of Carmex lipbalm and some Diprob
  11. This is my first post on this site, so forgive me for any embarrassing newbie actions Well, today I reached the 7 week mark on isotretinoin, and I hate to be so negative but I've never been more miserable. My face is a mess of massive, open, infected (we're talking a kind of green film over the marks that keeps replenishing) spots that keep randomly bleeding and that no makeup has a chance of covering. I'm 99% sure it wasn't this bad before I started the isotretinoin! I guess I decided to